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Essay on family relationships in Swimming-Fiction-Short Story The main idea of the book can be summarized as the difference between the imaginary and the real world. The main thesis of this paper is the crisis of family relationships that comes as a result of human inability to understand the interests of its counterpart. The story itself is very deep and philosophical. It shows the crisis of human relationships. The story is focused on the description of the trivial story of two people: Frank and Dorothy.
Merchant of Venice Essay (Christians and Jews ) The Merchant of Venice, a play by William Shakespeare written from 1596 to 1598 is most remembered for its dramatic scenes inspired by its main character Shylock. However, merchant Antonio, instead of the Jewish moneylender Shylock, is the play’s most famous character.
The Yellow Wallpaper Essay Gilman’s main character is the physician’s wife that had just gave birth to a baby in 1870. She suffers from post-partum depression and is treated by her husband. The treatment method consists in being locked in an upstairs bedroom with lurid yellow wallpaper.
Mary Shelly’s “Frankenstein” Essay “Frankenstein’s” philosophy is a conflict between the value of human life and the value of a scientific discovery. This story is not only the tragedy of Victor Frankenstein but also of his creation. It is the tragedy of loneliness and fighting alone with the world.The tragedy of Viktor Frankenstein was a tragedy of him being a toy in the hand of his own parents for the believed that he “was in their hands to direct to happiness or misery”[p.34].
Mary Shelley’s “Frankenstein” and the Scientific Revolution essay What the novel criticizes the most is the discrepancy between the value of human life and the value of a scientific discovery. Everything that science cares for is “…the metaphysical, or, in its highest sense, the physical secrets of the world”. The secrets of the human soul disappear behind the sounds of the machines. It becomes the time of the “kingdom of empirical investigation”.
Frankenstein by Mary Shelley essay According to Mary Shelley’s “Frankenstein” the creature becomes a real monster through committing a murder. It becomes a murderer whose main goal is to revenge. The creature avenges for having been abandoned by his creator and left all alone in the hostile world that cannot let him simply exist and have somebody to love. Obviously, the creature did not begin its life as a monster but became one after Victor Frankenstein rejected it and refused to realize that he has to take care of this creature from now and forever and be responsible.
Clinton and Guns article Essay On Tuesday the 14th of September, an 18-year-old will once again be able to buy an AK-47 assault rifle in most states", claiming the existance of this only one law to control gun-selling on one hand and:“… In 1993, 'assault pistols' like the Uzi Pistol were banned under the importation law. In February 1994, revolving cylinder shotguns (Street Sweeper and Striker-12) were banned under the National Firearms Act”, contradicting the first quote on the other hand and making the viewer analyze the issue in details.
The Crito - Plato’s democracy essay Plato thought of “democracy” as of a possible potential source of tyranny. For him democracy was an intermediate period before that start of tyranny. Plato views democracy as “the extreme of popular liberty, where slaves - male and female - have the same liberty as their owners and where there is complete equality and liberty in the relations between the sexes”. For Plato, this “extreme of liberty” was equal to anarchy.
Social issues
The role of marriage in Gopalpur: a South Indian Village essay The development economic system of Gopalpur concentrates the money in the hands of the Gaudas, leaving ordinary workers without a cent. The rich “layer” dictates the workers what they should do and take all the money they can from the families. Therefore, the more good the family has, the more chances it has to survive the financial pressure of this “gold layer”.
When Beloved one is dying essay This is not about denying the existence of the illness. It is about learning how to live with this “future loss” and being ready for it. Reading about the illness will help to know everything about it and be sure how to help the loved-one. Keeping a strong emotional contact with the loved-one is extremely needed due to the possibility to help him going through his stages of accepting the fact that he has the illness.

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