5 (Five) Paragraph Essay Outline

1. Essay Title

It is very significant to choose the essay name. This should be done due to the main ideas you want to highlight in your essay, i.e. the ideas to be revealed in the essay should be noted in the name. That is when one reads the name of the essay he should understand it and wait what will be written there for. A successful name is a passport to success work.

2. Table of contents (optional)

Table of contents is a main essay part, too. Mostly it directs readers' ideas. Understanding your essay depends on the table of contents, should one simply look through the text. That means you should endeavor into the table to intrigue the readers.

3. Motto Quote (optional)

You have to find a Motto with a quote of a famous person. This will create an impression of a serious person that reads interesting and cognitive books. Thus, the attitude to you will be changed.

4. Introduction

After all these points look at the Introduction. It mainly tunes people to read your text. That means that the introduction should interest in order to make the text easy-to-read.

5. Prove Your Run-downs

Now you can prove your run-downs. Setting the chosen run-downs is a hard work. Many small details shouldn't be overlooked and the main ideas should be revealed after the Introduction only.

6. Body Paragraphs

Don't forget about Body paragraphs. They should be divided, but fastened with other paragraphs, not to have the essay idea lost. The body paragraphs are divided onto 2-3 parts - these are the Bodies ## 1 and 2. There should be some Run-in paragraphs in between.

7. Conclusion

There is a Conclusion after the text, were you summarize everything. That means that you should enunciate and add together everything in the very end, sui generis ratiocination on the essay basis.

8. Bibliography and References

Bibliography or References should be written after the Conclusion, though, both are possible. Actually the more you show you are interested in the theme the better will be the readers' attitude to your essay.

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