Terms and Conditions

1. Vocabulary

1.1. “Agreement” is used to refer to these Terms and Conditions.

1.2. “Company” is used to refer to the entity that provides writing services to Customers according to these Terms and Conditions.

1.3. “Writer” is used to refer to a person who provides research and writing services under the Company's terms.

1.4. “Customer” is the person who places an Order with the Company according to these Terms and Conditions.

1.5. “Order” is a paid service request from the Customer.

1.6. “Order Status” is used to refer to the stage of progress of the Order.

1.7. “Product” is used to refer to an electronic document with the completed Order.


2. Privacy Policy

2.1. The privacy of the Customer is the highest priority for the Company. Therefore the Company will under no condition reveal any information concerning the Customer’s personal or credit card information. The Company nevertheless does not take responsibility of the disclosure of the credit card data that occurs without its fault.

2.2. The Customer is to provide certain information like name, e-mail address, home address or phone number to the Company. Nevertheless, the Company guarantees that this information will be used only to contact the Customer with regards to the Order.

2.3. Any type of direct contact between the Writer and the Customer are prohibited to guarantee the Customer’s privacy.


3. The Company product

3.1. The Company provides the Customer with a unique customized written product that is written according to the instructions of the Customer. This product is created by experienced writers and experts in required fields of knowledge. The Company is not responsible for the grades obtained by the Customer after submitting the products.

3.2. Any Company’s written paper is the intellectual property of the Company. The Customer gets the unique permission to use this product for six (6) month.


4. Order Process

4.1. The Customer is to provide a valid e-mail address in the register form of the order. The failure to provide a reachable e-mail of phone address may affect the order completion and will be evaluated a violation of the Terms and Conditions agreement. Therefore any claims of such Customer will be null.

4.2. The Customer has to fully pay for the order before the writer begins working on it.

4.3. The Customer is to provide accurate information in the order instructions. Any revision claim is to be completely based on the initial instructions provided by the Customer. Any changes from the initial instructions of the Order will be considered editing and correspondingly the Customer loses the free-revision option. Additional instructions must be sent before the writer starts working on the order otherwise this will be interpreted as violation of the Terms and Conditions agreement. Therefore any claims of such Customer will be null.

4.4. The Writer will use any relevant sources necessary  for the completion of the order - online publications, books, newspapers,  journals, interviews, etc., unless the Customer specifies a particular sources. If the Customer needs a specific unique source it is crucial for the Customer to provide them according to the next schedule:

10 days – 48 hours essays – all the instructions and sources within the first 8 hours.

24 hours – 12 hour - all the instructions and sources within the first 1 hour.

12 hour – less - all the instructions and sources within the first 30 minutes.

Failure to provide all the information necessary for the completion of the order according to the listed above schedule this will be interpreted as violation of the Terms and Conditions agreement. Therefore any claims of such Customer will be null.

4.5. The academic level of the order is chosen by the Customer and therefore the Customer takes full responsibility for the level that is indicated in the order form. The writer will take no responsibility for the mistake of the Customer.

4.6. The Customer is welcome to follow the progress of the order staying in touch with the Support Team of the Company. The Customer’s personal account will contain information regarding the status of the order. This is the list of the possible statutes of the order:

Order is not paid – albeit the Order is registered within the Company’s system, the Customer should proceed with the payment first for the Company start working on it.

Research has been started – Order is successfully paid and available for the Writers of the chosen level.
Preparing – a Writer has been assigned to work on the Order.

Order is completed. Download – the Product has been uploaded for the Customer’s review. The Customer is welcome to download it from the Customer’s personal account on the web site.

Order is returned for revision – Writer is revising the Product according to Customer’s instructions.

Hold – the Order is put on hold by the Support Team and the Writer has temporarily stopped working on it. The Customer is advised to visit Messaging board on the personal profile for detailed information or to contact the Support Team.

Canceled – the Order is canceled.



5. Delivery/Downloading Policy

5.1.   The Company takes no responsibility for any delivery problems which occur due to Customer’s spam filters, incorrect email, and lack of internet access or general neglect. These issues are to be controlled by the Customer and occur beyond the Company’s control. The contact information has to be strictly revised by the Customer.

5.2   The Company will not take responsibility for the Customer’s failure to download the order that has been created and delivered on time. No refunds guaranteed at this point.

6. Termination

6.1. The Company may cancel any Customer’s paid Order is case of poor cooperation from the Customer’s side. Same applies to any Customer that suspected in fraudulent activity. Refund is not guaranteed in the cases listed above.

7. Revision policy

7.1. The company provides free revision for its Customers only according to the initial order instructions provided by the Customer. The revision request should be made no later than 14 days after the first completion of the order.

7.2. In case the customer applies for the order revision later than 14 days additional payment will be required for editing.

7.3. The Company may refuse to make a revision in case of unreasonable revision request that is different from the initial order details.


8. Refund policy

8.1. The Product provided by the Company is guaranteed to be custom made and original right on time. All writings are guaranteed to be plagiarism-free. Nevertheless proofreading and editing services do not imply scanning for plagiarism as the Customer is responsible for the content of the paper.

8.2. The Customer may cancel the Order not later than 2 days for a 10 or 7 day Order, and not later than 10 hours for the rest of the orders.

8.3. The Customer will receive full or partial refund in case of receiving the Order after the deadline. The Company will approve or decline the refund individually for each Customer.

8.4. The refund request should be made not later than 72 hours (3 days) after the completion of the Order. If the refund request is made later than 72 hours after Order completion the Customer will not receive any refund at all.

8.5. In case of refund the Company reserves all the rights to share or even sell the Product. Correspondingly, the Customer does not reserve any authorship rights.

8.6. No refund will be made in case the Customer receives a failing grade for the Order.

9. Amendments

9.1. The Company reserves a full right to make any adjustments to this Terms and Conditions agreement such as any types of modifications, revisions or amendments. The Customer should take full responsibility to track any of the possible changes.

9.2. The present Terms and Conditions agreement regulates all the communications between the Customer and the Company.


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