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Literary Analysis
The Great Gatsby by Scott Fitzgerald: Matter of Money, Class and Economics Essay Scott Fitzgerald is one of the most prominent American writers of the end of 19th and the beginning of 20th cc. His work may be viewed as the reflection of his time and the novel The Great Gatsby is, probably, the best example that can prove this statement.Actually, it wont be mistakable to say that economical factor or factor of money is one of the most important in The Great Gatsby and it makes all things go around this thing. As I have already said the main theme of The Great Gatsby is the corrupting power which money has over a person and which destroy an innocent personality.
The Idea of American Dream in The Great Gatsby Essay One of the most brilliant examples revealing a particular point of view on the matter is the outstanding work of Scott Fitzgerald - The Great Gatsby. Fitzerald is obviously criticizing the American Dream in The Great Gatsby.The question he asks is from out point of view a vital question concerning people trying to achieve it: Is this dream really worth of achieving on such almost impossible conditions? And therefore do we really need this kind of a dream?
Character Analysis
The Great Gatsby character analysis Nick Carraway is the narrator of the story. He is an educated Yale graduate and a man who has passed through the World War. As Nick moves to West Egg he turns out to be Gatsby's next-door neighbor and he finds himself in the center of tragic events as he reunites his cousin Daisy with Gatsby.Experiencing disillusionment Gatsby moves away trying to forget how people treat each other and their lives thinking only about money and fun.
Symbolism in The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald Another symbol of F. Scott Fitzgeralds The Great Gatsby is the Green Light. It is the green light at Daisys dock Jay Gatsby stares at for five years hoping one day to get closer to her and to be back together with his beloved woman. This light is nothing more but the hope for the bright future they will have together; it is Gatsbys personal dream and at the same time it is the American dream of everyone.
The Great Gatsby summary The Great Gatsby is told by Nick Carraway who moves to the West Egg to find himself involved in a complicated love story of his neighbor Jay Gatsby to Nicks cousin Daisy Buchanan. With the help of Nick, Gatsby gets back together with Daisy and this seems justified as Daisys husband Tom also appears to have a mistress.
The of moral poverty of the society in F. Scott Fitzgeralds The Great Gatsby As the novel describes the life of the upper society of the 1920s he tells the story about America living only for material prosperity losing its moral orienteer. Fitzgerald portrays the era of financial prosperity and the moral decay. The characters of the novel did once have noble aims in the lives and have truly loved once but wealth and constant physical pleasures changed them irreversibly. Money suppressed everything good in their minds and gave life to more and more physical and material whims.

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