The Great Gatsby summary

Essay Topic:

A detailed and deep summary of F. Scott Fitzgeralds The Great Gatsby.

Essay Questions:

Is Nick Carraways love story impressive for the reader?

In what ways are the lives of the society of the Great Gatsby superficial and fake?

How can Nick Carraway run away from the horror and the terrible life of people he has observed?

Thesis Statement:

Scott Fitzgeralds The Great Gatsby is a very complex novel with a socially shocking and revealing plot.


Introduction:  “The Great Gatsby” is an outstanding novel written by F. Scott Fitzgerald in 1925.It is very hard to underestimate the novel as it reveals how superficial are the lives of people who care only about their wealth and in the attempt to be “the elite” of the society lose their hopes and their dreams.

“The Great Gatsby” is told by Nick Carraway who moves to the West Egg to find himself involved in a complicated love story of his neighbor Jay Gatsby to Nick’s cousin Daisy Buchanan. With the help of Nick, Gatsby gets back together with Daisy and this seems “justified” as Daisy’s husband Tom also appears to have a mistress.

When Gatsby’s and Daisy’s relationship becomes obvious, Tom Buchanan decides to end it up as he is not able to permit her to deceive him like that. At the moment, Daisy hits Tom’s mistress Myrtle in a car accident and Myrtle dies. Gatsby decides to take the responsibility for this death to save Daisy. As he claims to hit Myrtle, Myrtle’s husband George thinking that Gatsby is the one Myrtle had the affair with shoots Gatsby dead.

After becoming the witness and the “participant” of these tragic events Nick Carraway runs away from this place to forget the horror and the terrible life of people he has observed.

Conclusion: Scott Fitzgerald’s “The Great Gatsby” is a profoundly deep novel revealing the loss of hope and the loss of dreams of society. The author revels to the reader the fact that being wealthy financially does not mean moral enrichment and for the majority of the society it is vice verse: the more money people have, the more they turn into a permissive society with no morality but only the satisfaction of “desire of the moment”.


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