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Good relationship essay questions for college and high school

Literary Analysis
The Lover by Marguerite Duras Essay Why is The Lover considered to be a revolutionary novel? How does Marguerite Duras novel The Lover determine the notion of love? How does the psychological portrait of the main character affect the whole story?
The Buffalos by William Carlos Williams Essay What is the peculiarity of the relationship between men and women? What is the pattern of the relationship of men and women revealed in The Buffalos by William Carlos Williams? How is love important in The Buffalos by William Carlos Williams?
The Kite Runner summary What is the main complication in the relationship between the father and the son in The Kite runner? How is the mans life and fate shaped according to The Kite runner? How did the Amir suffer from the Afghanistan war?
The importance of equality in Charlotte Brontes Jane Eyre. Why is the notion of equality vital for Jane Eyres personality? How does the past of Jane Eyre form for attitude towards being equal to a man? In what way is Jane Eyre equal to Mr. Rochester?
Life of a Girl Paradigm Essay What is life like for a 19-year-old girl? Why is making correct choices are especially important at the age of 19? What is the role of love in the life of a 19-year-old girl?
Interracial Dating Essay Why interracial dating is considered to be a very important issue nowadays? What are the major consequences of interracial dating? What are the brightest inter-racial examples of relationships?
Character Analysis
George and Lennie father and son relationship In what ways does George act like a father and Lennie like a son? What makes George and Lennie different from other characters of the story? What psychological issues can be seen behind George killing Lennie? What was their special connection?

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