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Super-hero essay No matter what I do I cannot turn the time back in order to fix anything in my life. So I do not have the right to make a mistake!She is the projection of what I wish I could do to make the life of other people better and make them happy. Everyone has a mistake in their life they are ashamed of and mistakes that have hurt other people. Akatava helps other people. Akatavas purpose is to make people happy by changing the irreversible mistakes they made or the tragedies and accidents that took away the loved ones.
Silliness definition essay All the abovementioned examples indicate that silliness should be avoided and prevented as far as possible to reach success, save money, and be happy. The initial advice in due respect would be not to make a silly mistake twice. If you made a mistake, its alright; you gained a particular life experience. If you realized your mistake its perfect because you made out knowledge of your mistake. However, whenever you have made a mistake, repeated it again, and did not draw any conclusions, that means silliness is your trouble are to work on.

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Super-hero essay A narration about a super-hero called Akatava.

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Super-hero essay How did Akatava get her abilities? Is Akatavas ability somehow connected with the tragedy of her life? What is Akatavas goal of life and the usage of her ability?

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Super-hero essay She also has the ability to feel the location of the people who are in despair and sometimes can read the thoughts of other people.

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