Essay Body Paragraphs

The basic aim of the body paragraphs is to explain the thesis statement of the essay and therefore to reveal its topic. This is the part where all the arguments are presented very clearly to the reader and are proved by substantial evidence. Each separate body paragraph has one main idea, which is revealed in the topic sentence. Each paragraph is dedicated to the analysis of one point only – that is the rule. For instance if the essay has four main ideas this implies it will have four body paragraphs.

Though the amount of body paragraphs is not limited, but only restricted by one topic line only it is vital to keep in mind that each of these paragraphs will have a certain structure.

How to Write Body Paragraphs

Every body paragraph must be written according one general structure:

  1. Each body part starts with its main idea presented in a form of an essay sentence. This main idea/argument must be accurately performed to make it more appealing to the audience.
  2. Different established facts or points supporting the main idea of the essay. The supporting points should not be positioned one after another, but general discussion of the point should be included in-between.
  3. Each body paragraph should have a concluding sentence in order to make connection to the next paragraph. This link is a must-have element as this is what makes the essay logically structured.

Writing Essay Body Paragraphs

In order to make each body paragraph truly convincing it is necessary to:

    1. Stay focused on one idea/argument only in each body paragraph
    2. Keep the thesis statement in mind because each of the body paragraphs supports a point from this thesis statement
    3. Make the topic sentence of each body paragraph as clear as it is possible without generalizations.
    4. Prove the presented in the body paragraphs points through mentioning detailed and convincing examples.

The body paragraphs are the core of each essay and therefore demand special attention and profound knowledge on the matter from the side of the writer.

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