Canada and International Unions Essay

Canada / International unions / labor / economy

Essay Topic:

The life of Canada under the influence of its membership in the international unions.

Essay Questions:

How are International Unions related to Canada?

How well Canada is economically developed?

What is the level of popularity of the International Unions?

Thesis Statement:

It is important to point out that the base of Canadas membership in international unions started in the XIX century when Canada first started being connected with different unions somehow connected with industry and labor.


Canada and International Unions Essay


Introduction: The contemporary world requires a quite strong cooperation of different countries through lots of kinds of societies and associations. Being a member of these associations gives a lot of advantages either to powerful countries counties or to the developing countries. Nevertheless it is obvious that being in an international association gives the country the sense of protection and support. Canada has not been as exception and is a member of many international unions. Nowadays being a member of an international union is an accustomed reality for Canadians but many years before it was the only way to convince the government of Canada to improve their working and living conditions and restrict the laws in definite fields, for example in the field of child labor. The number of international unions registered in Canada is very large. We are to analyze why does Canada take such an active part in them and primarily what do they give to the country. International union is a word-combination that is heard very often in our world today. The word international means that these societies have an all over the world geographic scope. Union means that in spite the geographical distance people unite to achieve one common goal. The members of these unions are numerous and the unions themselves have a very broad sublet range. To make a deep dig into this matter it is very important to understand when and for what reasons international unions started their spreading over Canada. It is important to point out that the base of Canadas membership in international unions started in the XIX century when Canada first started being connected with different unions somehow connected with industry and labor.

Canadian workers founded the first unions and their goals were to make strong economical and labor connections between different areas, to share the information obtained and experience gained, to share the earnings, to support each other during crisis, and one of the main goals was to make the working conditions of the industry workers decent and protect the rights of the workers. This was the primary base and the results this union had were very impressing for it changed a lot in the lives of the Canadians. Nevertheless, every union tries to obtain the country in which it is interested in the aspect of the unions field. As for industry, by the beginning of the XX century all the movements that were created by Canadian workers were in the dictation of various international unions. As every aspect has the reverse side, in spite of having a lot of advantages, being the member of international unions has given some disadvantages for Canada, too. Besides the local international union leader there is a chief international union leader that is over him. Throughout the history of Canadas membership in international unions it can be seen that sometimes Canada was simply was exploited by them, without taking into account the interests of the country itself. The list of international unions Canada has been a member of is sufficiently large: trade unions, emigrational unions, communication and paperwork unions, services unions and many others. People that joined international unions are of different professions: businessmen, engineers, conductors, carpenters and many other representatives of diverse professions. All these people through being members of international unions got higher wages and improved their standards of living. The way of international unions is often the way of success and as people want to become successful in their jobs and lives they become members of the international unions through entering their local offices. This step has changed definite aspects of the process of formation of Canada as a strong state. It did make a difference for life in Canada. According to the annual UNO statistics Canada occupies the first place in world in the list of countries to live in on the basis of the most important criterions, such as: general level of living, ecology, culture, education and the level to criminality. A considerable percentage of this success is the success of the functioning of international unions that fight for the rights of their members.

The popularity of international unions among the 31 million population of Canada is conditioned by the productive results they observed for many years. Canada itself is very attractive for international unions because it presents a country with a constantly improving economy with reduction of the number of unemployed people, the reinforcement of the sphere of services that is about 75% percent of the able-bodied population of Canada. Being a member of an international union in our modern world is a very smart decision, because it helps to reveal countys potential to the full. It concerns not only the social aspects (labor) but also the natural recourses of the country. The experience of other countries has helped Canada a lot in successful management of its resources. Such unions as: the International Gas Union, the International Geographical Union, the International Astronomical Union, the International Union of Mine, the International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics and many more have made a big contribution in Canadas development. At the same moment Canada has also given some unique possibilities for them. Canada has had a high proportion of national union for the reason of its smart development-strategy. The country tries to get the best it can from the union, to get new technologies, new ideas and to improve the management. This kind of politics has had a very positive influence on the country, for it is considered to be one of the most attractive places to live in the present days. International unions also bring foreign capital into the country, which is a very important factor influencing the economy of the country. It may be said that the changes that Canada went through the eighties, its membership in international unions produced: new technologies, new areas of production, new improved working places, new technical and management personnel.

Conclusion: International unions provide stability and support to the countries they consist of. The membership in international unions appears to be a guarantee of the worldwide protection of the members and a deal that bring a lot of benefits to Canada. Such as: international experience in definite fields, cooperation projects that have a stronger impact on the countrys society than the local ones. It is well known that when countries unite they become stronger; it does not matter whether it is a trade union or a geographical union. The only thing that matters is that they win from this union. International unions by means of the know-how of other countries have helped to fasten the development of Canada, and now Canada can share its own knowledge in various fields with other countries, too. The membership in international unions is a reasonable action from the side of a rather developed country, which Canada has proved to be. Canada is an example of adequate usage of the obtained information with the maximum profit for the country. It is much easier for Canada to overcome any crisis having support in so many fields. Canada has had a high proportion of International Unions and one of the primary reasons for it is that it brings a positive impact to the countrys development.


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