Argumentative essay outline & structure

outline & structure for an argumentative essay

Argumentative essay structure:

  • Title (the title of the essay must not be generalized, but detailed. It needs to be concrete and clear. The title of the argumentative essay is basically its thesis statement. Example: If you want to be healthy you should not intake artificial vitamins).

  • Introduction (the introduction has to be rather short and include just a couple of phrases referred to the issue of the essay. Example: It is common knowledge that artificial vitamins are very popular nowadays among people of all ages).

  • Body (the body reveals all the PROs and CONs that the writer will chose to present to the reader.  The PROs and CONs need to be carefully chosen as they have a tremendous impact on the quality of the argumentative essay. The writer needs both to support and to refute the arguments).

  • Conclusion (summarizes all the mentioned above PROs and CONs to prove the thesis statement. The thesis statement must be restated as the bottom line of the essay).

Argumentative essay outline:

The body structure of an argumentative essay may have three possible forms:

Outline #1

  1. Supporting arguments # 1

  2. Supporting argument # 2

  3. Opposing argument or arguments with further refutation

Outline #2

  1. Opposing argument or arguments with further refutation

  2. Supporting arguments # 1

  3. Supporting argument # 2

Outline #3

  1. Opposing argument #1 with further refutation

  2. Opposing argument #2 with further refutation, etc.

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