Choosing the education field essay

Essay Topic:

The influence of a teacher's personality and professional level on the students future career choice.

Essay Questions:

In what ways is the author motivated to enter the education field he finds appropriate?

To what criterion should the career choice be connected to?

How does the potential career choice depend on a teacher?

Thesis Statement:

Choosing the education field has to be connected with a calling of a person, because it requires a lot of professional and personal qualities and constant self-perfection.


Choosing the education field essay


Introduction: Entering the education field has been a very motivated decision for me. This particular decision is completely based on the former experience I had had all the way to the moment I decided I will connect my future with it. Nowadays, when parents are very busy the workers of the educational field are the people, who teach the young generation what is beautiful and what is ugly, what is right and what is wrong and million other things. Every person some day used to be an ordinary pupil that had teachers. The schooling experience of every person may develop either positive or negative attitude towards education in general. It is a fact of common knowledge that one of the most important parts in the educational process is the teacher. Choosing the education field has to be connected with a calling of a person, because it requires a lot of professional and personal qualities and constant self-perfection.

My personal experience in school taught me that a teacher could really make a difference in the process of education. A teacher may develop respect to the subject, to the teachers personality and to the education in general. A pupil may even see the difference in the manner of explaining and presenting the material teaching the same subject. I discovered this difference when I had a substitute teacher coming to class and making my most hated subject one of the most interesting in the whole school program. I decided that I do want to make children love teaching and show them how fun and interesting learning can be. I decided to make it the reason of my life.There have been lots of debates on good and bad teachers. And this particular experience made me realize that I do want to make a difference for children and make their education interesting for them in the first place and therefore motivate their own educational activity. I want to become a good teacher, not just a teacher reproducing the material he knows, but sharing attitudes, experience and reveal all the interesting sides in the educational process. It is vital to make sure the pupils get only the most positive experience from teaching. My experience made me realize how many mistakes some teachers do and gave the greatest desire to learn everything in order to become a real professional in the field of education.

Conclusion: Such a position towards education may reveal more talented young people among pupils and students. By making the process of education more productive we increase the educational level of the whole nation and I want to make my own personal contribution into this highly professional education. I have also thought that sharing the knowledge you have with other people is wonderful. And may be one day I will inspire a young person to dedicate himself to the field of education. And this will the best reward for me and for all the forces I plan to contribute in this field now. This experience was a push in the direction of the field I admire so much.


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