Persuasive essay outline & structure

Outline for Persuasive essay: Structure (Introduction, body, conclusion paragraphs)

In order to create an effective persuasive essay it is crucial to clearly identify what type of a reader the writer will be appealing to. If the writer wants to persuade the reader the arguments chosen need to be weighty in the first place for the type of audience that will read it.

Persuasive Essay Outline:



  • Paragraphs supporting the thesis of the essay
  • Opposing paragraph


Persuasive Essay Structure

Any persuasive essay has the classic essay structure:


  • The main target of the persuasive essay introduction is the catch the attention of the reader.
  • It should provide the generalized information on the topic which will be discussed further in the text.
  • Classically, the introduction ends with a strong thesis statement. Here, the thesis statement represents the point of view of the author which will be delivered to the reader.
  • In persuasive essays a correctly built and strong thesis statement is vital due to the fact that the writer must be able to defend it through the work.

    Body Paragraphs

  • Paragraphs supporting the thesis of the essay
    • Here the writer presents the main points which are the strongest supporting points (accent of them).
    • Support the thesis statement from the introduction.
    • These points have to be very strong and ALWAYS supported by reliable evidence: scientific data, examples, facts, etc.
    • To make the points more structured and clear to the reader it is necessary to write one paragraph per point.
  • Opposing paragraph
    • This paragraph is crucial to have an effective persuasive essay.
    • In this paragraph the writer explains and reveals a point of view which opposes his own
    • Afterwards completely disproves and refutes it to convince the reader.
    • Mentioning the opposing view and disproving it makes the reader fully believe the point of view of the writer.


  • The conclusion provides a brief summary of the strongest supporting points in the body
  • It may highlight the arguments which are needed by the writer to prove his point of view and persuade the reader.
  • The conclusion has to prove the thesis statement which is declared in the last sentence of the introduction. In such a way the persuasive essay becomes complete.
  • Ultimately persuades the reader that the idea of the writer is correct and true.

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