Symbolism in Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

Essay Topic:

The depth of the symbolism of Jane Austens Pride and Prejudice.

Essay Questions:

What is the role of Elizabeths visit to Pemberley for the general message of the novel?

What is the main accent of the dialogues of the characters?

How do prejudice prevent a person from finding love and happiness?

Thesis Statement:

The symbolism of Elizabeths visit to Pemberley is essential for general concept of Jane Austens novel.


Introduction: Jane Austen’s novel “Pride and Prejudice” is generally speaking a love story of two couples: Elizabeth and Darcy in the first place and the love story of Jane and Darcy’s friend Bingley. The novel reveals how young people want to be happy no matter to what class they belong to and the obstacles they have to face belonging to the upper society of England. Throughout the symbolist of Elizabeth’s visit to Pemberley the author shows the reader that sometimes even the smallest events can change the life-story of a person. Jane Austen’s in her novel “Pride and Prejudice” is not overfilled with excessive symbols as the message of the novel is easily revealed through Elizabeth’s visit to Pemberley. This is primarily due to the fact that it is basically is major change and resettlement of the book. Before Elizabeth’s visit to Pemberley the basic accent was made on the dialogues among the characters. The fact that Elizabeth actually travelled to Darcy’s estate can be compared to a literal approaching of the two central characters. As Jane Austen does not use a lot of descriptions of the surroundings so Elizabeth’s visit to Pemberley become an actual dramatic change of the novel. Another moment of symbolism of this visit is the fact that Elizabeth finds herself of Darcy’s territory as if she almost refers herself of being his “property” too. As Mr. Darcy is on his territory he reveals himself as confident and gentle as he had never been before. The fact that Pemberley turn out to be so picturesque and beautiful symbolizes how beautiful is Mr. Darcy in his inner world. Pemberley becomes the symbol of the true personality of Fitzwilliam Darcy. As a true aristocrat Darcy is very formal and proud looking which confuses Elizabeth at the beginning of the novel. Nevertheless, being like his Pemberley mansion at the outside, his inside generosity and charm amazes Elizabeth and makes her completely fall in love with him. As Elizabeth crosses the bridge on her way to Darcy she leaves all the prejudices she has had behind her back and starts moving ahead to find love and happiness on the lands of Pemberley. Conclusion: The symbolism of Elizabeth’s visit to Pemberley is essential for general concept of Jane Austen’s novel as it reveals the true personality of Mr. Darcy and leaves all Elizabeth’s prejudices behind. Being Darcy’s estate it shows how beautiful and loving is its owner and how he deserves being blessed by Elizabeth’s love.


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