Symbolism Essay questions

Good questions for Symbolism essays. List of Symbolism essay questions for college and high school students

The Crucible
Symbolism in "The Crucible" by Arthur Miller What do the witch trials represent in terms of the religion? How did the inability of the court to make correct judgments influence the characters of the story? What social group remained the most unprotected one back in the America’s 1950’s?
“The witch-hunt in the Arthur Miller’s “The Crucible”. In what way the court is incapable to be objective? What is the major factor influencing the decisions of the court? How are the church and the court equal?
“Sexuality in Arthur Miller’s “The Crucible” Why is John Proctor the embodiment of the sexual repression in Arthur Miller’s “The Crucible”? Why are the sexual relations negated by the society? In what way the suppression of the sexuality result in the tragic end of the novel?
Symbolism of “Frankenstein” by Mary W. Shelley What role does the symbol of the monster play in terms of the physical and spiritual beauty? Why does Mary Shelley pay special attention to the symbolism of the electricity? In what way the symbol of th efire in the novel gives a hope for a better future?
“The symbolism of fire and electricity in Mary Shelley’s “Frankenstein” What does fire and electricity provide people with in terms of the symbolism of the novel? What are the two characteristics of fire which should never be forgotten? In what way the scientific knowledge can be hurtful for people?
“The motive of loss of innocence in Mary Shelley’s “Frankenstein”. Why does the death of William Frankenstein occur? How does the death of William Frankenstein influence the whole course of the novel? In what way the death of William becomes a symbol of the loss of innocence in the book?
Kite Runner
Symbolism in “The Kite Runner” by Khaled Hosseini In what way does the kite unites the past and the future within the novel? Why does the cleft lip reveal the tragedy of a broken friendship? What is used as a sacrifice that is being made in order to get something good?
Rape in Khaled Hosseini’s “The Kite Runner” In what way Hassan’s rape becomes the breaking point of the novel? Is Hassan the only child being raped during the war? How is the whole Afghan nation “abused” and “raped”?
The Great Gatsby
Symbolism in “The Great Gatsby” by F. Scott Fitzgerald What is the depth of the symbol of The Eyes of Doctor? What did become the symbol of Nick’s hope that one day he will get closer to Daisy and to be back together with his beloved woman? What role does the industrial ash play for the whole symbolism of the novel?
“The Great Gatsby and the Green Light” What is the meaning of the Green Light in the life of Jay Gatsby? Has Gatsby really reached for the light? Why does Jay Gatsby loose his inspiration and hope?

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