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Very often, online classes make it difficult to evaluate student achievements throughout the course. Although Written Communication Classes offer a variety of opportunities for achieving the basic learning objectives, we may not always be able to achieve the best results we can. Online classes may sometimes separate us from the real-life contexts, but they usually provide us with sufficient autonomy and give us a chance to evaluate our strengths and weaknesses in particular subject.

            For many of us an “A” is the ultimate goal of online education. An “A” means that we have been capable of jumping over our heads and that we have been able to improve the quality of our knowledge in written communication subjects. When writing our goals, application letters, mission statements, or memos, I was sincerely devoted to what our teacher called “effective communications”. I spent hours trying to incorporate the new theoretical knowledge into real-life contexts, either in the form of a technical description, or refusal letter, or even a routine inquiry letter. Each of the nine learning plans has given me invaluable knowledge about the principles of good communication skills. These 9 weeks were difficult and interesting; these were the 9 weeks of my continuous struggle for excellence in written communication. I might have not been successful in all projects, by my sincere strivings to perfection deserve the best positive mark. I deserve to have an “A” according to the number of hours spent in these online projects; I deserve to have an “A” according to the amount of emotions and feelings devoted to this subject. I deserve an “A” because professional communication has turned into an integral component of my daily performance, regardless whether I work, talk, have fun, or sleep. I deserve an “A” because communication has changed the quality of my interactions with other students, colleagues, and my family members. Ultimately, I deserve an “A” because it will finally prove my ability to go toward a set of predetermined goals, with persistence being the central element of my daily strivings to perfection. 


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