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1)   Abstract.

2)   Why math fact accuracy and fluency important is.

3)   Accuracy and automation in subtraction math facts to 100.

4)   Conclusion.



All students (not matter what form of their study) need to have accuracy and automaticity in dealing with math facts. Also, students need to be fluent in addition, multiplication, and division as well as in facts subtraction. In my essay I will strive to describe a program that will help to develop the already mentioned student characteristics such as accuracy and automation) The knowledge of the whole issue is important in subtraction math facts up to 100. Also, I will explain why math fact accuracy and fluency is an important factor for student’s education.

                                    Why math fact accuracy and fluency is important

There are many ways to help students learn to be accurate and achieve automaticity in their subtraction math facts to 100. The knowledge of subtraction facts or other facts in the area of math study gives students possibility to be able to do higher mathematics. Without knowledge of math facts young students show the tendency to experience difficult time while acquiring higher mathematics skills.  There are a lot of reasons why students do not know the necessary math facts. The first reason is lack of practice in dealing with subtraction facts. The second reason is that subtraction facts are usually taught all at once. The fact results in the situation that a number of students “become overwhelmed by how many facts they need to memorize”. (Abilities Builder Add & Subtract Whole Numbers 6.1)

                             Accuracy and automation in subtraction math facts to 100

A student who is fluent in math facts knows the answer to the facts in 3 seconds or less. In this context, it is very important to develop figured and factual abilities to think. Most of students should know their facts in as little as in one second. Unfortunately, this is not the case for lots of those who study. Usually students are given many flash cards and are told to try to memorize them; The situation quickly becomes a cause why many students are getting overwhelmed. One can say students aren't given enough time or methods to help them learn math facts.

It's important to provide students with such strategies that will help them learn subtraction math facts to 100 and achieve accuracy and automation in it. First of all, students should be taught not to treat each special fact as an isolated part of knowledge. Second, it's important to connect strategic understanding of students to visual representations of the material, such as number lines. The third step, is the introduction of the process of practicing the skills in subtraction math facts. The whole process requires a careful planning of facts. And finally, pupils (especially in younger forms) need to see how basic facts generalize. In other words, they need to see the connection between such terms as basic facts and extended facts.



In conclusion, I would like to point to the fact that accuracy and fluency in math is very important factor. The knowledge of this factor gives the possibility to receive higher math knowledge. In order to be accurate and automatic in subtraction math facts to 100, I suggest the system of several steps. While using this system students are given chance to improve their relevant skills.



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