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Global warming Solutions

Global warming is the concept that has all rights to be regarded a dangerous phenomenon. It is especially true for the planet that is being exposed to the global warming. Humanity contributes to global warming. Under such circumstances the humanity should think about the possible solutions. (Sisco P., 2006, p. 43)

The Earth is known to be engaged into a long-term warming cycle. The humanity is responsible for the negatives effects of the global warming. Under such circumstances, we should look for the possible solutions of the whole case. The same idea has been once expressed by Scientist Richard Somerville who was engaged in the Scripps Institution of Oceanography. The scientist believes that there is a way out of the problem. A whole thing is helpful in reducing the emission of CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) into the atmosphere. One of the possible approaches to the whole issue is capturing of the CO2. After the gas is emitted it should be sequestered. The other thing to do is to reduce human dependence on fossil fuels. This thing can be regarded as a possible solution to global warming. The measures range from simple to the complex. The most widely discussed solutions involve expanded use of alternative energy technologies. These are characterized by a lesser reliance on fossil fuels. (Sisco P., 2006, p. 48)

Greenhouse gases are emitted into the atmosphere as a result of the increased energy consumption. The energy was obtained by driving and using electricity and through other activities. These activities are used to support the quality of life including such aspects as growing food and raising livestock. Greenhouse gas emissions are the things that can be minimized through simple measures. These include the process of changing light bulbs in the house. The whole thing can not only improve your car's fuel economy but inflate your tires.

State and local governments and businesses are also known to play an important role in meeting the national goal of reducing greenhouse gas intensity. The research proves that the intensity has been decreased by 18 percent by 2012. The objective is reached by people’s participation in a wide range of EPA and other federal voluntary programs.

    U.S. Climate Policy

The United States government is known to have established a comprehensive policy that is posed to address the climate change issues. This policy is being comprised of the following three basic components:

  • Slowing the growth of emissions
  • Strengthening science, technology and institutions
  • Enhancing international cooperation (The Big Heat: How Capitalism is Cooking the Earth)

To implement its climate policy, the Federal government has to use quite a big range of voluntary and incentive-based programs. These are used with the aim to reduce emissions. Also, the programs are posed to promote climate technology and science. The whole strategy is known to incorporate know-how from many federal agencies. When combined together, these help to harnesses the power of the private sector. (Political Lies And Global Warming)

In February 2002, the United States did a very important step – it announced a comprehensive strategy. The main objective of the strategy was to reduce the greenhouse gas intensity of the American economy. The greenhouse effect was reduced by 18 percent over the 10-year period from 2002 to 2012. Greenhouse gas intensity can be regarded as a measurement of greenhouse gas emissions per unit.

Meeting this commitment is a step that might help to prevent the release of more than 100 million metric tons of carbon-equivalent emissions. The emissions are released to the atmosphere. The annual estimations prove that the average release of gases by 2012 has reached more than 500 million metric tons. The data has been gathered in a cumulative way.

EPA plays a significant role in helping the Federal government. The major role EPA is helping the government to reach its final objective. EPA is reported to have many current and near-term initiatives. These are used to encourage voluntary reductions from a variety of stakeholders. The initiatives can be divided into the following groups:

  2. Climate Leaders
  3. Methane Voluntary Programs

The above mentioned programs are posed to encourage emission reductions from large corporations, consumers, industrial and commercial buildings, and many major industrial sectors. The details of the initiatives can be regarded as the major aspects of the U.S. state policy. (Political Lies And Global Warming)

                                          Michael MacCracken

Climate scientist Michael MacCracken mentions the idea that society has to make the commitment to change. MacCracken expresses his ideas in the following way: society has to be committed to taking actions. A whole thing will require society to do certain things. Many of these things are beneficial to the whole process. At it is the society that has to change the path in which it consummate energy. (Sisco P., 2006, p. 41)

The other group of scientists held to the belief that global warming is part of a natural cycle. This natural cycle is supposed to take care of itself.  As for the public policy researcher Myron Ebell, he once mentioned the following idea: "There will be some negative consequences or impacts, and there will be some positive ones.  I don't think either one, either the negative or the positive will be particularly pronounced or extreme or severe."

Me personally liked the idea once expressed by John Topping. Being engaged in the work for nonprofit Climate Institute the researcher says that private industry including governments should come up with the solutions.  As a matter of fact people have “to get investment flows going in the direction of emerging clean energy technologies.  Part of that's going to happen because we, as consumers, step forward and we are conscious in our buying habits to get more energy-efficient products." (Sisco P., 2006, p. 38)

Higher gas prices are also the things that are known to make a fuel-efficient vehicles more attractive to consumers.  Just the same thing should be told about building and home constructions. These are known to become more energy efficient.



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