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Regardless the size and the scope of business performance, optimization of costs and expenses is the necessary prerequisite of stable, successful, and continuous business growth. Even with the increasing network of Internet connections, the use of envelopes does not lose its relevance; here, businesses have to make a grounded choice between self-seal and pre-pasted envelopes. Several different factors will help review the benefits and drawbacks of both envelope types: these include the cost, convenience in use, and the benefits such envelopes may bring to particular business.

            Our business should make special emphasis on the use of pre-pasted envelopes for several reasons. First, although the price and the costs of pre-pasted envelopes are higher than those of self-seal envelopes, pre-pasted envelopes substantially save time and offer almost unlimited opportunities for company’s advertising: pre-pasted logo and company details will promote the knowledge of our company’s across various markets. Moreover, facing the need to send dozens of envelopes daily, pre-pasted envelopes may help optimize business performance of certain employees. Second, pre-pasted envelopes are extremely convenient in use. While companies do not need more than 10 days to supply us with the best quality pre-pasted envelopes, we will be provided with an extraordinary opportunity to turn our logo into the symbol of our successful business performance and excellent customer service. Third, pre-pasted envelopes are an excellent example that combines cost, quality and convenience: with pre-pasted envelopes we will forget about the problems we used to have, trying to deliver letter and items by usual mail: pre-pasted envelopes will guarantee that all labels and addresses are readable, understandable, and correct. Although small and almost unnoticeable, envelopes may seriously disrupt the stability of our business performance, if not properly used. That is why we must place special attention to how, when, and where we order our pre-pasted envelopes to be further used in our business performance.


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