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                              Alternative Methods of Criticism

The use of the historical criticism is very important for conducting a literary analysis. Taking this measure forbids the elucidation of any historical data. In fact, careful evaluation of the historical data is very important for the overall success of the research. Usually, it forbids explanations that have nothing to do with the reality. The argument counteracts with the reality. Under the circumstances like these historical criticism becomes rather restrictive in its nature.

The combination of the repetitions resulted in numerous textual changes. When combined together, these changes allow audience to engage in a complicated process of the continual build-up of eloquent verse. Finally, historical analysis enables people to find the connections between the past and the present world.

Historical criticism opens new perspectives for analyzing the play. The most interesting for me was revealing the numerous cases of repetitions that were present in the play. The author opens many new perspectives for the reader of the book. It is interesting to reveal that the historical context hidden behind the story helps to reveal many interesting peculiarities of its context.

My analysis showed that the book is loaded with references. The references are used to refer to the to Roman history ancient and contemporary to its author. The main focus is put on the analysis of the issue of hatred that was present between Rome and Carthage. The presence of this hatred is a reflection of the long and brutal Punic wars that ravaged Rome. When combined together, these wars resulted in the ultimate destruction of Carthage. Jupiter foresees the Caesars who plays a vital role for the development of Roman empire. He has also brought what is called “the golden age” of Roman Empire. The major words that are used in the book, come from the mouth of Jupiter. As for Vergil, he makes the rule of Augustus Caesar a type of manifest destiny.

The list of questions to be answered in my essay:

What are the historical subtopics covered in the book?  The book has quite a big number of historical subtexts. The first historical subtext is concerned with the use of Vergil’s prophecies. These are usually used to insert little details to Romanize the Trojans. The same can be told about Helenus' instructions. The circumstances like these make the Trojans war  reality for the Vergil's contemporary Romans as they travel west. The second historical subtext is concerned with Dido’s foretellings. Many of these things are linked to the feeling of hatred that is often had a place between Carthage and Rome. In this way, Vergil incorporates managed to reach a true depiction of the Roman history. He also accentuates his attention on the fact that the history of this nation is based on mythology. Particular attention must be paid to the issue of tryings that are used to justify the history of war between the two nations.

The other question for discussion is how to issue of omen and prophesy is being treated in the essay?

The first omen that is present in the play is concerned with Jupiter. Jupiter provides the reader a detailed prophecy of the future events. The prophesy is presented to the reader in the middle of this book. Actually, it is used to provide a path for the epic of the story. A person foretells the forming of the Roman Empire that was projected to develop from a small roaming band of refugees. The main protagonist of the story is happy with the prophecy. The prophesy is used to assure Aeneas that everything is all right. The twelve white swans becomes the main omen of the story.

The final question pertains to the issue of woman representation. How the women were represented in classical writing?

Dido does create the image of a typical woman. He goes so far as to link the image of woman with the ethnicity. A woman in the book had to go through many hardships. First of all, she survived past the death of her husband. The other objective was leading her people away from a tyrant.


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