The Great Gatsby essay questions

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Literary Analysis
The American dream of the Gatsbys society What is the contemporary American dream for the characters of The Great Gatsby? What is the reason the society of the Great Gatsby looses the American dream?
The disillusionment of Nick Carraway in the F. Scot Fitzgeralds novel The Great Gatsby What expectation does Nick have at the beginning of the novel? How does his origin influence his expectation from the society? What is Nick Carraway escaping from at the end of the novel The Great Gatsby?
Symbolism in The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald What is the depth of the symbol of The Eyes of Doctor? What did become the symbol of Nicks hope that one day he will get closer to Daisy and to be back together with his beloved woman? What role does the industrial ash play for the whole symbolism of the novel?
The Great Gatsby and the Green Light What is the meaning of the Green Light in the life of Jay Gatsby? Has Gatsby really reached for the light? Why does Jay Gatsby loose his inspiration and hope?
The Great Gatsby summary Is Nick Carraways love story impressive for the reader? In what ways are the lives of the society of the Great Gatsby superficial and fake? How can Nick Carraway run away from the horror and the terrible life of people he has observed?
Character Analysis
The Great Gatsby character analysis What is tragedy of the The Great Gatsby? What are the moral values of the characters of The Great Gatsby? How has wealth influenced the behavior and the lives of the characters?
The of moral poverty of the society in F. Scott Fitzgeralds The Great Gatsby What are the main peculiarities of the society depicted in The Great Gatsby? Why is the issue of moral poverty so important in terms of describing the society of the Great Gatsby? What is the primary reason the characters of the novel are so selfish and material oriented?

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