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Character Analysis
Pride and Prejudice character analysis Why is the life of the characters full of intrigues and misunderstandings? What are the moral values of Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth? What does pride and prejudice have to deal with the relationships described within the novel?
The misunderstanding between Darcy and Elizabeth What is the first impression Darcy makes on Elizabeth? Who are the people that stronger Elizabeths wrong perception of Mr. Darcy? What is the breaking moment for the further development of the relationship?
The personality of Fitzwilliam Darcy What does Darcy look like on the surface? Why does Darcy act like he is very proud of himself and does not care about other people who belong to a lower class? What makes Darcy change his mind as referring to Elizabeth and fall for her?
True love in Jane Austens Pride and Prejudice In what way social differences make people feel distant one from another? How accurate is the judgment based on the origin and reputation? What were the main prejudice between Elizabeth and Darcy?
Pride and Prejudice summary What is the role of the reputation of a girl in Jane Austens Pride and Prejudice? In what way social prejudice influences the relationship of every man and woman? Is it necessary to step over the pride and prejudice in order to be happy?
Symbolism in Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen What is the role of Elizabeths visit to Pemberley for the general message of the novel? What is the main accent of the dialogues of the characters? How do prejudice prevent a person from finding love and happiness?

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