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Good Marketing essay questions for college and high school

Pop-up Ads in Web Advertising essay Why has advertising become an integral part of our life? What role does web-advertising in the general system of advertising? Do popup ads cause inconvenient to the potential audience?
Research Paper
Digital Cameras Essay What is the contemporary definition of a digital camera? What are the characteristics to use while choosing a digital camera? What are the most prominent advantages of digital cameras?
The key to customer loyalty essay How has marketing changed the modern business strategy? How is marketing help to satisfy the customers needs? How does customer loyalty affect the general sales?
Classification and Division
Five Categories of Audience Levels essay What role does advertising play in the trading process of any country? In what way household consumers can be defined as the first level of advertising audience? How do government and official employees react to advertisements?
Case Study
Southwest Airlines How did Southwest Airlines struggle to become #1 customers choice? What innovations were introduced by the Southwest Airlines to make the consumers feel as comfortable as possible? What advertising recognitions did the company obtain?
Compare and Contrast
Douglas Holts and Bob Garfields advertising strategies What is the role of advertising in the modern market? What is the contribution of Douglas Holt and Bob Garfield to the development of advertising? Why it is said that Holts and Garfields advertising philosophies different from each other?

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