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Auxiliary Police How did the idea of the creation of the Auxiliary Police come to live? Did Auxiliary Police have an impact of the crime level in general? What is the attitude of formal police officers to the Auxiliary Police formation? Should auxiliary police have full enforcement powers alongside with the standard police units?
Child abuse Essay How should a teacher react if signs of child abuse are seen on the body of a child? What type of reports a teacher needs to make to start the legal procedure? What possible outcome a report to the Department of Children and Family Services will have? Does the teacher take personal responsibility for the child abuse report?
Critical Theory Discussion Essay Why is critical theory considered to be a very special knowledge? What is the difference between the law and the justice for the society? How does the civil disobedience influence the law?
Inferior and Superior Judges in UK Essay What are the main peculiarities of the Court system of Great Britain? How in an inferior judge different from an superior judge? How are the candidates for both inferior and superior judges chosen?
The Universal Declaration of Human Rights essay What is the main concept of the doctrine of human rights? How are human rights protected around the world? Does the declaration resemble the importance of the contemporary morality?
Psychological and biological theories of crime in criminology essay What are the peculiarities of the psychological and biological theories of crime? What is the essence of the biological theory of crime? What are the psychological characteristics of a potential criminal?
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Law, Rights, and Justice essay Why did Ronald Dworkin and John Rawls dedicate their work to the analysis of the principle of law, rights and justice? What is the generally accepted definition of civil disobedience? When does the breach of the principle of equal liberty and the principle of justice occur?
Miranda warning Essay What is the essence of the Miranda warning case? In what way do TV show participants should follow the Miranda Warning? What the Supreme Court decision rightful?
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Control, Labeling and Conflict Theory Essay What role does control, labeling and conflict theories play in criminology? How does the control theory related to the satisfaction of the needs and internal control? How can the control theory explain the organized crime formations?
Life of Vincent Bugliosi essay Why has Vincent Buglionsi become a historically prominent personality? What books are the result of the creative work of Vincent Bugliosi? What influence did Vincent Bugliosi have on the Manson Family?

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