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China Empire: Chinese dynasties Essay What was the contribution of the Qin Dynasty to the prosperity of China? Why is China considered to be one of the worlds greatest Empires?
George Washington essay Why is the name of George Washington so important for American history? Why do contemporary Americans consider George Washington to be a national pride? What was the brightest peculiarity of George Washingtons life?
American history periods essay What was the influence of the Colonial America period for the whole American history? Did the American Revolution contribute to the development of Americas society? How did the Civil War historically shape contemporary America?
Mineo - Gambino Crime Family Essay Why is Gambino Crime Family known all over the world? What was the relation of Al Mineo to Carlo Gambino? has the Italian Mafia of the beginning of the XXth century?
Slavery in Nova Scotia Essay Has slavery historical influenced the development of the national attitude towards minorities? What was the situation with slavery in Nova Scotia back in 1780s? What was the peculiarity of the black community in Nova Scotia?
Charles Elwood Yeager Essay How is Chuck Yeager known to every single American citizen? What influence did Chuck Yeager have on the creation of the new-generation planes? How did Chuck Yeagers biography affect his personality and future success?
Holocaust Essay What is the meaning of the word Holocaust? How did Adolph Hitler and the World War II influence the lives of the Jews? How is anti-Semitism spread nowadays?
French and Indian war (1754 - 1763) essay Why did the Great War for Empire begin? What impact did the Great War for Empire have on the American history? What were the vital consequences of the French and Indian war?
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Late Ottoman Empire Essay Why is the Ottoman Empire considered to be on the greatest and most powerful estates that have ever existed? When did the Ottoman Empire reach its blossom? How is the modern Middle East related to the Ottoman Empire?
Slavery Essay In what way slave is an unnatural phenomenon? What is the attitude of the Federal Writers to slavery? How do the WPA interviews reveal the notion of slavery?

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