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Good Frankenstein essay questions for college and high school

Literary Analysis
Mary Shelly’s “Frankenstein” Essay How does Mary Shelley view the possibility to create a new life? What was Frankenstein’s philosophy of life? What is the main agreement of the novel?
Mary Shelley’s “Frankenstein” and the Scientific Revolution essay What influence did the Scientific Revolution have on Mary Shelley’s book “Frankenstein”? How does the character of Viktor Frankenstein resemble the values of Enlightenment? What is the main message Frankenstein brings to the reader?
Frankenstein by Mary Shelley essay Who is the real “monster” of the novel: Viktor Frankenstein or his Creature? What was the life of the “monster” like? What prevented Viktor Frankenstein from taking responsibility for his actions?
Symbolism of “Frankenstein” by Mary W. Shelley What role does the symbol of the monster play in terms of the physical and spiritual beauty? Why does Mary Shelley pay special attention to the symbolism of the electricity? In what way the symbol of th efire in the novel gives a hope for a better future?
“The symbolism of fire and electricity in Mary Shelley’s “Frankenstein” What does fire and electricity provide people with in terms of the symbolism of the novel? What are the two characteristics of fire which should never be forgotten? In what way the scientific knowledge can be hurtful for people?
“The motive of loss of innocence in Mary Shelley’s “Frankenstein”. Why does the death of William Frankenstein occur? How does the death of William Frankenstein influence the whole course of the novel? In what way the death of William becomes a symbol of the loss of innocence in the book?
“The motive of fate in Mary Shelley’s “Frankenstein”” Why does Viktor Frankenstein think that it if fate that provoked all the deaths? Who should take the responsibility of the tragic events described in the novel?
Character Analysis
"Frankenstein" character analysis. What is the real tragedy of the monster? What are the moral values of the characters of “Frankenstein”? Did Viktor Frankenstein have a moral right to create a living being?
"Frankenstein" summary Why did Viktor Frankenstein in the first place decide to bring a creature to life? In what way does Viktor Frankenstein oppose himself to the Creator? What stops Viktor Frankenstein from taking full responsibility for his actions and the action of his creature?
The “real monster” of Mary W. Shelley’s “Frankenstein”. Why does Viktor Frankenstein consider his creation to be a brutal monster? Can the creature be honestly evaluated like a monster despite its physical appearance? Why is Viktor Frankenstein the real monster of the tragic novel?

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