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Good Business essay questions for college and high school

Chinas market What Chinas politics is as referred to world market? What is Chinas strongest potential in terms of world market? How is China technologically developed?
Competition in food industry essay What part does food play in the personal and business part of peoples lives? What are the main factors the demand for food depends on? What is the major concern of the food industry?
Human Resource Development Essay What is the meaning of the word combination human resource development? How does human resource development protect the rights of the employees and employers? What are the basic rules of the contemporary human resource development pattern?
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Return on Investment (ROI) Calculation What role does return on investments have for any capital investments? How does marketing influence the return on investments? What is the most appropriate formula to calculate the Return on Investment?
How to determine a firm's overall cost of capital essay Why is so necessary to calculate the cost of capital? How is budget-planned long-term capital investments of the company related to the overall cost of the companys capital? What impact does the cmpanys weighted average cost of all capital have on the companys business relations?
Urban Outfitters essay Why does the brand Urban Outfitters outweighs between the other existing trademarks in US? What role do 50 Anthropologies stores play in US business world? How did Urban Outfitters appeal to the Jew audience?
Traditional and web advertising Essay What are the traditional media advertising techniques? How does the Samsung company make its advertisements look appealing for fashionable people? How is the image of perfection used in the advertisements of Nescafe and Guerlain?
Toyota Motor Corporation Essay What position does Toyota Motors Corporation Occupy among other automobile manufacturers? How did the adaptation of the New Global Business Plan influence the work of the Toyota Corporation? What are the most important characteristics of the vehicles that makes the Toyota Corporation so respected and popular?
Xerox Business Systems Expository Essay Why is Xerox considered to be the #1photocopier manufacturer? What is the quality philosophy of the Xerox Company? What is the essence of the Total Quality Management of the Xerox company?
Global Business Effort Essay How do new growing markets influence contemporary business? How does globalization influences international business operations? What is the algorithm of the I.T. management functioning?

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