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Symbolism in "Lord of the flies by William Golding What is the role of the best in terms of the message of the whole novel? Why does the symbolism of Piggys glasses play such an important role in the general symbolism of the Lord of the flies? How do the symbols of the beast and the glasses reveal the depth of the social tragedy of the novel?
Piggy and his glasses Why it is Piggy who has the glasses? In what way do the glasses reveal the scientific knowledge possessed by Piggy? In what way the glasses become a symbol of power once stolen by Jack?
Character Analysis
Lord of the flies character analysis What is tragedy of the Lord of the flies? What are these boys looking for in their struggle for dominance? What heritage have these boys taken from the society they grew up in?
The characters and the society How can be Ralph depicted as a decent civilized citizen, who respects the order (the law)? What character represents such virtue as the science and the intellectual heritage of the society? Why do brutal characteristics of the society dominate over its virtues?
Literary Analysis
The message of William Goldings Lord of the flies In what way the author draws a parallel between the island and the society? How do the boys resemble the representatives of the society with their virtues and shortcomings?
Lord of the flies summary What are the true reasons of the degradation of the society? Is there any way to really transform a savage to a civilized citizen? Why do the primitive instincts take over the society?
The theme of the death of the civilized society in William Goldings Lord of the flies How do the savages turn into civilized society representatives throughout the novel? Why is the social transformation superficial and has no spiritual changes underneath? In what ways a savage will always remain a savage, an animal?

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