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Collapse of the Soviet Union Essay The processes of economic and social changes in Russia from the words of Arkadiy Gaidar has one big peculiarity Russia has become a country with an increasing middle class, with an increasing part of the population experiencing the living standards of the middle class.Yegor Gaidar is known as a famous Russian politician that put a lot of forces into the development of both the Soviet Union and Russia. Thee previous regime was collapse but still Russia has a great potential and is never ignored by other countries.
Israel Palestine Conflict Essay For instance, Russia financially supports Palestine, as well as Abbas policy in the Middle East. Compared to other Quartet states, Russia recognises Hamas legitimacy and the control the Gaza Strip by this Islamic party. Simultaneously, Moscow maintains ties with Hamas rival Fatah. At that, Russias leadership calls for support for Abbas and restraint exercise. According to Sergey Lavrov,

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Collapse of the Soviet Union Essay The analysis of the reasons of the collapse of the Soviet Union.

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Collapse of the Soviet Union Essay When did the Soviet Union collapse? What is considered to be the main reason of the collapse of the Soviet Union? What role did Yegor Gaidar play in the collapse of the great country?

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Collapse of the Soviet Union Essay The collapse of the Soviet Union was one of the most scandalous events of the XX century. And the period from 1985 to 1991 became the critical period for the existence of the whole gigantic powerful country.

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