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The law and morality essay The rule-utilitarianism claims the importance of the legal part of the case and the necessity to do what is legally right and that is to acknowledge Mr. Mander with the report and therefore with the enlarged sizes of his land property. The only condition is that these actions do not interfere with the liberty (including property) of others. According to the Libertarian theory the Gas Company as the embodiment of the Government is not an exception. In this case the Citizens Gas Company has interfered the liberty of Mr. Mander as it is using his property without him knowing it.
Edward vs. Landry essay The given storage shed hand-crafted by Edwards is supposed to be unique property. Taking into consideration the fact that specific performance is granted by the court in cases when unique property is the subject matter of the contractMoreover, Mr. Landry is likely to suffer general damages by the delay of defendant in conveying the property.being the buyer of a handmade storage shade, which is considered to be a unique property, and acting honestly, without fraud,

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The law and morality essay The legal and moral aspects of the Citizens Gas Company case.

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The law and morality essay Why did the Citizens Gas Company ignore the rights of the two farm owners - Mr. Mander and Mrs. Kildare? Why did this case become so public? What does morality has to do with the pipe-problem?

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The law and morality essay Professional ethics tells the independent surveyor that he has to promulgate this violation. This call of duty is also supported by a subjective sympathy to Mrs. Kildare.

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