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My personal philosophy Nursing Application essay Generally, being a nurse is the dream of my whole life, first of all, because it is a very influential and rewarding profession. This dream dates back to my childhood. While being a small kid I took care of my Granny who fell ill and needed care.
International sudent's dream essay I view politics as an amazing organism with its inner world, its positive and negative sides; it is a complicated riddle, which I always tried to solve. Some might object to this point of view and say that politics is a dirty thing, that it just spoils people. To some extent, they are right. However, I am inclined to think that it is vice versa: people spoil politics. They try to satisfy their needs, achieve their selfish aims.
Iraq War Soldier's dream Essay What war did for me, and my dream was just terrible. War deprived me of my dream. In fact, even the slightest possibility to achieve my dream was devastated by war.At one single moment the dream stopped to existThe injury of the left eye brought my dream to the end.

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