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Good culture essay questions for college and high school

College Admission
College Admission Essay-classmate portrait How do diverse backgrounds and experiences influence the communication of different students? What are the specific traits of a potential college classmate? Why is the ability to communicate so important in college?
Hygiene program at University of Michigan Admission essay What are the benefits of the Hygiene program of the University of Michigan? What cultural experience is the applicant ready to share with the educational community? What is the applicants main career goal?
Compare and Contrast
The Colosseum and the Parthenon Essay Why are The Coliseum and the Parthenon considered to be the greatest and ancient architectural creations of humanity? Why are the Coliseum and the Parthenon a stone-symbols of their cultures? What culture is more picturesque the Greek or the Roman art?
Technology and modernity essay How can the development of modern technologies provoke social isolation of different people? In what way the technological progress influences the level of culture? What do culture, intelligence, personal identity and economy form?
Literary Analysis
Giles Miltons The Englishman who opened Japan essay Why is Giles Miltons Samurai Williams: The Englishman who opened Japan considered to be a historical source? In what way does Giles Milton portray the Japanese people? Did Williams manage to become a real Japanese?
Research Paper
India Essay Why is India considered to be an important part in the development of the worlds culture and economy? How does Indias location and climate influence its economical potential? How is Indias social structure different from the ordinary social structure?

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