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Jews Immigration to the United States essay many of the newcomers to the United Stated of America were not willing to accept new culture... the idea that the national clusters of immigrants were characterized by relatively high prosperity level and a deep knowledge for cultivating cultures.
International business essay cultural dimensions vary within national cultures and are also a subject to ratings for world countries Conversely, numerous researches indicate that South American and Asian cultures are known as large power distance ones. Thus, it is apparent that the Thai culture is quite complicated and differs from the Western business culture. At that, the Thai culture significantly affects business transactions. To this end, Asian cultures, for example, are rather long-term oriented with an emphasis on dedication, perseverance and hard work, whereas other cultures focus much on their past experiences and present conditions while respecting their traditions and fulfilling present-day commitments
Mythology Essay Culturology is formed on the bases of the combination of the social and humanitarian knowledge. In other words, culturology is a discipline which tries to understand and explain culture as a phenomenon and trace its development in space and time. Nevertheless, it is impossible to explore culture as a whole entity.They carry out the same role what in our culture is called the cause consequence connections. A myth makes a thing axiomatic without demanding the subsequent clearing.

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