Kyiv - the Capital of Ukraine essay

Kyiv / Ukrainian / legend / Dnipro River / foreigners

Essay Topic:

The description of the city of Kiev - the capital of Ukraine as one of the most beautiful cities in Europe.

Essay Questions:

Why is Kiev considered to be a very beautiful and very old city?

What are the famous legends associated with Kiev?

From what organized settlement did Kiev grow from?

Thesis Statement:

The name was given to the city when it was founded, but since the moment of foundation is rather mythical the name Kyiv became extraordinary.


Kyiv - the Capital of Ukraine essay

Introduction: Kyiv is a very old and beautiful city and as every old city it has many legends. One of the most popular legends is about its own name. The name was given to the city when it was founded, but since the moment of foundation is rather mythical the name Kyiv became extraordinary. According to the mysterious legend, 16 centuries ago three brothers and a sister founded the city: Kyi, Schek, Horyv and heir sister Lybid. Kyi was the name of the eldest brother and so the name of Prince Kyi gave birth to Kyivs existence.

This is what the legend says: Three brothers and heir sister Lybid made a small safe settlement on the top of four hills. This place got the name of two younger brothers Schek and Horyv and nowadays is known as Horyvytsia and Schekavytsia. Andriivskyi Uzviz provides a great opportunity to take a look at this territory. Ukrainian people love this legend and even have two monuments of the three brothers and their sister Lybid. The best one is the one situated close to the Paton Bridge on the Dnipro River. As Ukrainian people have the tradition of visiting monuments and taking pictures there at their wedding day, on week-ends you can often see a just married couple near these four siblings. The monument at the Dnipro River is absolutely gorgeous and has something very ethnic and even Nordic inside. Another legend Ukrainian strongly believe is the legend which says that St. Andrew actually visited the territory Kyiv is situated on when he was on his way to Rome and blessed this Ukrainian land. He also said that an outstanding future is waiting for this city. It goes without saying that these two wonderful legends were made to make Kyiv even a more mysterious and magic city for Ukrainians and for foreigners. Nevertheless, there still is a bit of truth in each of the legends and so they cannot be called complete fabrications. In order to understand it is necessary to know some facts about Kyivs true history. According to the historians Kyiv was inhabited even 17,000 years ago. The only organized settlement that can go under the legend of the three brothers and their sister is the citadel designed to defend the territory from the Slavs and Asian people. Its location perfectly fits the legend about the settlement situated on four hills.

Conclusion: The history of Kyiv makes it an unforgettable place. It is definitely worth of visiting for the beauty of its streets and parks. Contemporary Kyiv offers a European quality service for those visiting the country and you can find an hotel of any degree. Small, but high level hotels appear and every visitor is always welcome there. Kyivs hotel service system is ready to meet and requirements. There is also an opportunity to rent an apartment paying per each night like in a hotel.Kyiv is constantly progressing. It is growing and becoming more beautiful from day to day. So if you want to come be sure Ukrainian hotels will satisfy your expectations.


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