Alpha Kappa Psi Membership Application Essay

Essay Topic:

A young man applying to become a member of the Alpha Kappa Psi in order to become a first-class business expert.

Essay Questions:

How does the applicants professional ambition fit the mission and the objectives of Alpha Kappa?

What is the applicants personal professional goal?

Thesis Statement:

I know that AKP helps its members to develop teamwork and provides first hand experience, which is vital in the contemporary business world. Therefore, joining AKP becomes the best choice for me, due to the fact tat I know that scientific research in the field of accounting can provide a unique knowledge and experience.


Alpha Kappa Psi Membership Application Essay

Introduction: One of the reasons I want to become an Alpha Kappa Psi member is that my career goals and everything I want to achieve in my professional life fits the mission and the objectives of Alpha Kappa Psi. What makes me sure that AKP can help me to define my further goals and that it corresponds to my present ones is that AKPs main priority is to develop well-trained, ethical, skilled business leaders and that is what I want to become. Being a senior, majoring in accounting, at Old Dominion University, makes me realize that I need a source to help me use my knowledge in the right direction with the highest possible effectiveness. My personal general professional goal is to become a certified public accountant and to help troubled children. Theory is very good, but as I know that my theoretical base is rather strong I am particularly interested in practice. Self-improvement is what has led me to where I am now and AKP will give me the source for achieving the professional excellence I am striving for. I know that AKP helps its members to develop teamwork and provides first hand experience, which is vital in the contemporary business world. Therefore, joining AKP becomes the best choice for me, due to the fact tat I know that scientific research in the field of accounting can provide a unique knowledge and experience. I can share this unique experiences provided with AKP with other members and true professionals and use it in order to create the innovative experience of accounting.

The last years have given me several possibilities to reveal my leadership abilities. I have become the vice president of the Managerial Auditing and Accounting Club at the Old Dominion University. This achievement requires leadership skills from me as I deal with the club-members and people in the business department. I constantly have to show great competency and be convincing and assertive in order to be a good leader. I am to provide the club-members with the professional knowledge and experience that is claimed and highly needed at the moment. Therefore, while choosing the guest-person for a meeting I have to do a prognosis of his further influence and analyze his works in order to know what he can share with the club-members. So being the vice-president of this club makes be a learn how to build the teamwork and improves my communicational leadership skills. I also am a fulltime student and work. Another experience I want to highlight is my volunteering at the Oakmont Development Center for two semesters. I lead the elementary and middle school children in an after-school program. This truly helped me to understand how much patience and understanding the needs of the team means in terms of making it really work. I provided knowledge to those children and made sure that the tasks I give them I fulfilled correctly. So I shared my experience and learned respect the individuality of each person. I know that this will make me even a better leader, able to be a professional and to bind the team at the same time. The person who I am looking up to is not a person from the screen or a book, known for its achievements, but a person from real life, the person whom I can meet every single day. My role model is Vanessa Walker, the assistant controller at Old Dominion University office of finance. The reason I am looking up to her is the strength and will which she showed in her desire to become an educated person and a qualified professional. She started her education at the same University being older than standard students and having children that needed most of her time and attention. She managed to be the best student in spite of all the obstacles she had to overcome. Not so many people believed in her, nevertheless she showed that it is never too late to study and become true leaders and professionals. She is a Certified Public Accountant now and heads several people in the finance department. She achieved her self-realization through self-improvement and constant struggle for her right to get knowledge. To get a decent result a person needs to work hard and improve from day to day. That is what Vanessa Walker did. And this is what I want to do!

What I am today is what I have become owing to several key influences. I had to be very independent since early childhood and very soon I realized that living a mediocre life was not for me. My father always tried to achieve the best results in what he did. I watched him and understood that there was no way I was going to be satisfied with what I knew. I had to go further. I learned a lot and at the moment that I saw that my knowledge could already help some people made me work even harder. I want to be harmonious as a personality and as a leader. There is always something out there to learn and I am open to this information. The example of Vanessa Walker showed me that if I am only 21 I have even more opportunities that she did. And if she became successful through hard work then I can do it too. I want to be the best in what I do. I do not accounting to be just my job and do know that it is my calling and that is what influences me the most in what I am today: a young, ambitious person, ready to learn, share and work in order to become a good leader.

Conclusion: There is one reason I can give to allow you to let me join the process - I do know what I want and I also do know how to achieve it. And that is the main reason I am writing you this paper. I need to be in, because I need to become what I am supposed to be! And that is not just a certified public accountant but a true leader, who is ready to work and become better for the sake of the team. What I truly want to contribute is openness to everything new connected with objective analysis. And also the understanding that a leader is not just a supervisor but a member of the team just like any other member. His function should be to give the direction and his personal goal should be constant leadership self-improvement.


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