UW-Madison Admission Essay

UW-Madison / pharmacy / education

Essay Topic:

Student applying to UW-Madison pharmacy faculty.

Essay Questions:

Why is UW-Madison a number one priority university for the applicant?

How can UW-Madison satisfy the professional aspirations of the applicant?

What contribution has the applicants membership in the society leadership program made into his choice?

Thesis Statement:

Studying in UW-Madison is one of the main ways leading to the accomplishment of my academic and career goals.


UW-Madison Admission Essay

Introduction: This is the point in my life when I truly realize who I want to become and what I have to do to achieve it. Applying to UW-Madison is a priority for me. My primary goal is to get a food science BS, and then continue my studies in the field of pharmacy. The reason I have chosen UW is because this educational establishment is one of the top schools on the territory of the United States of America and I am hundred percent confident that I will get the knowledge that is required to become a real professional here. It is the place where the seeds of my professional aspirations can find the perfect soil to grow properly in. My personal efforts and the educational base of UW will become the key to my successful future and will help me achieve extraordinary results in the field of pharmacy and nutrition. So, studying in UW-Madison is one of the main ways leading to the accomplishment of my academic and career goals.

My high school teachers owing to their qualified educational methods have inspired me greatly to continue my education in the sphere of pharmacy. Chemistry has always been of an enormous interest for me. My arrival to the United States brought me to the understanding of how nutrition is important nowadays, when the food can be tremendously harmful and not contain enough vitamins for the organism. If we are what we eat, than I want to make sure we take inside only the best products that will never do any harm to a human body. Besides my great desire to get a food science BS and dedicate my future life to pharmacy I am up to continuing my active social life. I do not only want to get and learn new information about nutrition in order to acquire the profession I want but also want to share my experiences with other students. I know that I will not only fit the educational community of the UW but also give my classmates an example of cultural flexibility and thirst for knowledge. The sphere of extra-curricular activities is my second priority. Back in high school in Hong Kong I was a member of a social service club, sport team and a cheer leading team. I truly enjoyed and still enjoy volunteer service, especially if it goes about helping disabled children or the elderly.

Conclusion: I feel myself so needed when I help them and it makes my heart beat faster. Being the member of the leadership program society in which I can give a hand to the new students and use what I had learned to help them, makes me happy. Shortly, I am going to become the international orientation leader and help the new international students to adjust. I honestly enjoy helping people in any sphere of life and helping them in the field of pharmacy is one of the most valuable things in the present times. I want to study in the UW because the course of this university and all the benefits I can get from it is one huge step toward the realization of my dream to become a real professional in the sphere of pharmacy I have chosen.


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