Short story essay

nation / Native Americans / racist / war

Essay Topic:

A narration on the influence of the war on racist persecutions of the Native Americans.

Essay Questions:

In what way back in the times a good attitude to Native Americans was considered to be strange?

What feeling did Tom have for Gloria?

How different were Toms feeling to his mother and to Gloria?

Thesis Statement:

The Morrison family, as one of the most respected in their town, showed a great example to the citizens of how harmonious an attitude to Native Americans can be. People learned from them and were grateful to decrease to amount of racist persecutions.


Short story essay

A soft autumn wind touched Toms cheek. He slightly smiled and suddenly felt inspired, strong and ready for changes. He loved his way of life, he loved his family, he loved his countryHe was a real patriot that kind that can exist only after a war is over. He was grown up with an understanding that it is his land he lives on and he cannot share it with people who do not belong here. Tom thought that his family and people like them would be happier without all these strangers around them.

Tom turned around and saw his mother Linda standing in the doorway with a book in her hands. At this time of year she enjoyed reading the most.

1. You know why I like autumn so much? -, said Tom almost whispering.

2. No, why?

3. Lonely people feel comfortable in autumn. Because the things are just the way they are supposed to be. Their inside world coincides with the outside.

4. Hm.Honey, you sound so romantic. You must be hungry. Ill tell Gloria to do something with about that.

5. O.k. If you say so. I wish she could do something about her brother.

Gloria was a housekeeper Linda was very proud of. This timid woman was always ready to dedicate herself to every single member of the Morrison family at a first call. Linda thought it was an outstanding pure kindness, her husband Gary Morrison thought Gloria needed a child, Tom thought it was Glorias destination to serve and things are just the way they are supposed to be. For Linda and Gary, Gloria was like a family member, a person they could not imagine their life without. Their mutual adoration could be easy felt in the air of the house and in the smiles they gave to each other. Gloria was even aloud to bring her brother Adam to the house, as a sign of absolute confidence in her. It was only Tom, who had a hard time taking Gloria and Adam seriously and considered them to be those strangers who prevent his country from developing and creating a more powerful nation. Adam, who was Glorias brother knew about Toms ideas of a perfect country without any strangers and hated him, thought they almost never talked to each other properly. The Morrison family, as one of the most respected in their town, showed a great example to the citizens of how harmonious an attitude to Native Americans can be. People learned from them and were grateful to decrease to amount of racist persecutions.


Tom opened his eyes. He room was full of the morning light and the odor of flowers. Gloria was silently arranging them in a vase standing next to Toms bed.

1. I dont think I gave you the permission to come in my room.

2. Good morning, Mr. Morrison. Your room needed some refreshment and colors, - she said with a hope he will understand her.

3. NoI said I gave no permission. It is my room and dont you dare make a step in its direction unless I order to do so.

4. But..I just. , Gloria could hardly hold her tears, - I am sorry

5. Things are just the way they are supposed to be. Never forget you are a servant.

Gloria ran out of Toms room and almost hit Gary Morrison, who already heard Toms loud voice. This situation made Gary so upset. He never thought his son would consider Native Americans to be third class people and plus he always though of Gloria as a family member, and not only a housekeeper but also a heart keeper of their house.

That day Gloria was waiting for Adam to come. Gary and Linda were going to see old Mrs. Batler, but Linda suddenly felt not so well and asked Gary to go alone.

Tom always had a terrible mood after he was rude to Gloria. Sometimes he even felt he needed to apologize, but it was so hard for him that he could just sit and get madder at himself. His ideals of society and country and his though hidden, but nevertheless pure love to Gloria were always in conflict. Tom could never admit he could possible love a Native American woman. He would rather die.


1. Adam, I ve missed you so much, my darling. How are you? It seems like you have lost some weight? What have you been eating, my heart?

2. Gloria You are always the same. So many questions at the same time. I love you, sis! Ive missed you, too! Though it seems you look sad Is it Tom again?

3. No - Gloria tried her best to hold her feelings. No. I am just tired And - All the sudden she started crying. This familyI give everything I canI love them so much.

Words started to be not understandable and Adam felt deep anger inside his heart. How in the world these people could make his little sister cry? He hugged Gloria and had her tight in his arms. I will do everything to make her happy. I have to get her out of this life. I need to change everything. I dont care how much I take from this white people as long as she is happy. But I will never let anybody make her sad, because she, as any other person deserves to feel the taste of life and smile from her heart.

Tom entered the room at the moment Adam was having this thought. When he saw this brutal in his opinion person holding Gloria he wished all these uneducated men to be gone. He wanted to turn and leave but started yelling: Get out of this house. Get out of this country. You are different. There is no place for people like you here. The future of America needs you to be gone. He did not finish his words as Adam strongly hit him in his chin.

Tom got up and a fight started. Poor Gloria tried her best to stop it and as a last attempt he turn to Tom at the moment he wanted to hit Adam again and said: Im begging you... But it was all she could say as Tom pushed her with his arm and her head landed on a glass table The glass broke Gloria was on the floor breathless The time stopped for both Tom and Adam.

Adam ran up to GloriaShe was not breathing She was dead. He felt completely helpless. He was sitting next to her holding her hand and whispering: GloriaGloriaIt is my fault.

Tom did the same thing. He took her other hand and started crying. God, how in the world am I going to live without her. I love her. I truly do love her. It doesnt matter what color skin she has.Please, Gloria. PLEASE!I LOVE YOU!. Tom looked at the doorway and saw his mother shaking while looking at the scene.

1. What have you done, son! I did not just lose Gloria, Ive lost my son. I love lost my life and my future. Adam! Forgive us! Forgive us for bringing up such a monster. Love can destroy Love cannot fight against racism or idealism.

Tom stood up, looked at Gloria again and realized that he would have loved her with any color of eyes, hair and skin.

I hate war. Hate all the false ideas it gave me for now I have nothing neither a family nor a love. I dont want to see colors.I want to die for I have lost the color of my life.


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