University of Michigan Application Essay

Essay Topic:

The students desire to study at the University of Michigan is one of the main ways leading to the accomplishment of academic and career goals.

Essay Questions:

What is the peculiarity of the community of the University of Michigan? What are the career opportunities of the educational program of University of Michigan? What is the main goal of the college applicant?

Thesis Statement:

I think that my communicational experience will help me a lot and I am so glad that the University of Michigan has a diverse education community, for this is right exactly what I need to completely realize myself and enrich my inner world.


University of Michigan Application Essay


Introduction: This is the point in my life when I truly realize who I want to become and what I have to do to achieve it. Becoming a student of the University of Michigan is a priority for me. I do not only want to get and learn new information but also want to share my experiences with other students. I know that I will not only fit the educational community of Michigan but also give my classmates an example of cultural flexibility and respect to different points of view. I consider it to be very important for any person to know his culture deeply and understand it. I have set that as a priority for me. Understanding my own culture makes me more open to other cultures. I have communicated with people of different backgrounds in high school and my ability to respect the ways that are different from mine has always helped me. I am truly sure that there would have been less international conflicts if people really did respect and try to understand other cultures and their ways. As the students of the University of Michigan are future leaders is rather vital for them to be open to new experiences. That is what I want to share with the campus community. I think that my communicational experience will help me a lot and I am so glad that the University of Michigan has a diverse education community, for this is right exactly what I need to completely realize myself and enrich my inner world. I would take it for an honor to share my openness with other students and show them how to get the best from destroying stereotypes.

Studying in the University of Michigan is one of the main ways leading to the accomplishment of my academic and career goals. The university course and all the benefits I can get from it is one huge step toward the realization of my dream to become a real professional in the sphere I have chosen. I have graduated from high school with the great desire to study further. It was my high school experience that got me to where I am now. I did really have great teachers that inspired me not to just continue my education but to learn as much as possible in order to be really competent. So this was the biggest influence for my main career goal to be the best at what I do. And now, when I have already chosen to become a I am ready to work hard and reveal my potential. My motivation is not external; I do not simply strive for success. I strive for an outstanding professional performance, because only in this case success is well earned. I want to show people that there is a difference!

I know that the professors at the University of Michigan have a lot to share with the students and I am looking forward dedicating myself to the process of getting knowledge that I have been dreaming about for so long. The professional reputation of University of Michigan is the factor that makes me sure that my career goals absolutely comply with what the University provides outstanding knowledge and great practice. So, I need to say that my educational path in fact is just beginning. It makes me anxious and gives me strength to show what I am capable of as a future professional. Anybody can say that science and art are two completely different phenomena and that there is nothing that can possibly connect them due to the fact that one represents truth and the other one represents beauty. Nevertheless, the endeavors to explain science and art in terms of truth and beauty are completely motivated. The major reason for such a division is that science has always been associated with accuracy or it may be even said mathematical accuracy, while art has been always been considered free from any objectivism and accuracy but associated with seeing the best in things and people. Art is very subjective - what seems to be gorgeous to a person turns out to be disgusting to another one. Science is super objective and any component of subjectivity can destroy sciences essence, which is accuracy. Accuracy is identical to truth and freedom of individual perception with is identical to beauty. At the same time science and art can be both interpreted as truth, though science is objective truth and art is subjective truth. Science dictates laws and follows them, while art disclaims all the laws and lives its own unpredictable life. Art makes the world more beautiful and science finds the truth to control the world and attempts to predict its development. Any sciences attempt to subordinate art is useless as it destroys art at the core. Art is something science cannot exist without. Science serves for the sake of mankind and art adjusts the inventions to the contemporary world.


Conclusion: Exploration of the world through analysis, comparison, syntheses and calculation in science faces the very same analysis, comparison, and syntheses of the outside world in art.

Art is creativity; it reflects the world and reveals reality from completely different sides. It is connected with the emotional sphere and therefore is completely irrational. Science is absolutely rational is connected with the cognitive process. Science attempts to make the reality fit certain laws creating the truth and art attempts to make the reality function spontaneously creating the beauty of spontaneity and tries to copy this spontaneity in different forms. Science obtains its core through knowledge while art obtains its essence through images formed by the process of perception. Art and science complement each other on one hand. On the other hand they are extremely different starting with arts subjectivity and sciences objectivity and ending with the final product of each of the phenomenon. But what is really important is that it is a man who conducts them both and therefore they both serve humanity and its needs, either esthetic or mathematic. These two terms are a lot different, but still they do have many common things. The paradox is that often the similarities lie inside the things that make them different. So, the suggestion that science is concerned with truth while art is concerned with beauty is quite convincing. Science and art represent the rational and the irrational, the subjective and objective components of life through truth and beauty.


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