Traditional and web advertising Essay

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Essay Topic:

The main aspects the on-line advertising strategies of Samsung, Nescafe and Guerlain companies.

Essay Questions:

What are the traditional media advertising techniques?

How does the Samsung company make its advertisements look appealing for fashionable people?

How is the image of perfection used in the advertisements of Nescafe and Guerlain?

Thesis Statement:

Each company is free to choose the best way to spread their products around the consumers. Here, there is a list of three web site addresses that were taken from traditional advertising media.


Traditional and web advertising Essay


Introduction: For the completion of this task the author chose three advertisements, which were taken from a traditional advertising media, particularly from a magazine. It is common knowledge that on-line advertisements have started to bring more profit then traditional advertising which people observe on TV and which is printed. Nevertheless, there still exist companies that prefer using traditional ways of advertising and do not pay as much attention to Internet. Each company is free to choose the best way to spread their products around the consumers. Here, there is a list of three web site addresses that were taken from traditional advertising media.

They are:




The first one is an advertisement of a mobile phone, the second one is a coffee advertisement and the last one is an advertisement of a lipstick.


1. Samsung. Analyzing the first advertisement of the Samsung Company is it necessary to point out its stress on style, which the mobile phone may bring to its owner. It needs to be said that the web address is placed in a very interesting manner. It is almost impossible to see it right away, unless a person knows it is supposed to be there. The web address is situated at the very bottom of an A4 page and is written in letters that only a person with a very good sight can see. The problem of this advertisement is that it does not encourage visiting the companys web site at all. It therefore implies that only a person that will be deeply interested in the product will find the web site address and visit it. The advertisement depicts a young woman having her hair done by a stylist and talking on the phone at the same time. The slogan of the advertisement is Be fashionable. The printed advertisement basically calls the reader to become fashionable with the new Samsung mobile phone model. After finding the web address on the advertisement the author was amazed by the discrepancy of the traditional media advertisement and the web site of the company. The message of the printed advertisement gets completely lost among numerous advertisements of other events and products: starting with the new Fantastic 4 movie and ending with a new 2005 tour being offered. The site honestly distracts from the image of the product offered in the traditional media advertisement. The web site generally is very faded in comparison to the printed version of the advertisement. Any person will feel a disappointment that results from this contrast.

2. Nescafe. In its printed advertisement the Nescafe Company offers its exotic Nescafe Cap Colombie. It is full of refinement, tenderness and attraction for the person looking at it. The web address of the company is situated at the right corner of the page. The only thing that hands it out is it white color on a red background. The letters are small and the address does not catch the viewers attention at once. At the same time it is quite observable and not impossible to find, though not allocated by no means. It stores the Arabic style of the whole advertisement and seems to be rather harmonious within the advertisement. Though the address is not very remarkable the advertisement still makes the viewer come and see that web site of the company for more exclusive coffee. The message of tenderness with which the coffee is made can be felt in every detail of the advertisement. A beautiful body and tender hands holding the Cap Colombie coffee assure the consumer that the quality of the product will be the highest possible one. The web site does not lose this atmosphere, but it also underlines the possibility of uniting people through coffee. It shows the hands of two people holding a cap of coffee each. The viewer can almost feel the unity through the unity of tastes, through the unity of making the right choices - like the right choice of coffee. The web site confirms the message from traditional advertisement that Nescafe is really the best coffee company in the world.

The web site distracts form the image on the printed advertisement; nevertheless it reinforces the desire of the consumer to get acquainted with other sorts of coffee for making a choice that will emphasize his uniqueness.

3. Guerlain. Guerlain is traditionally a company that prefers traditional advertising media. The web site address is located with the elegance that only Guerlain cosmetics could perform. The letters of the web address are small; nevertheless they are placed on the neck of the model advertising Guerlain new lipstick in a way that makes the address very noticeable. The aristocracy of the advertisement, including the web site address location forms an outstanding atmosphere of luxury for the consumer. This makes it impossible not to visit the web site of the company. The brevity and simplicity of the slogan, which says: Lipstick. Color and Shine on the printed advertisement, adds to the atmosphere of luxury, where words just disturb the minds of the consumers. The web site communicates the same massage in the most brilliant way starting with the very first words: A trace of myself in the memory of others. The web site supports the idea that with the help of Guerlain cosmetics both men and women can create new identities, which will completely correspond to what they really are.

Conclusion: The web site is seems to give the consumers the guarantee that they will be elegant and beautiful with the help of Guerlain cosmetics, just like the girl with perfect lips on the printed Guerlain advertisement. The web site definitely reinforces the image of the product and in some fantastic way it makes the potential consumer think that the lipstick is not the only thing he needs and that only Guerlain is keen for making the person brighter and more beautiful in every way. This effect is achieved through the sensitive selection of the words used for depicting the products. These words make the consumer feel like Guerlain really cares for making him look and therefore feel better.


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