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 Who am I? I was never an outstanding student… But I have always been a good learner. Why am I saying this? Well, the backpack of my life which I carry every day, has a lot in it. I left US when I was only 7 years old and from that moment and on my life became different. I changed countries, changes cities, changed schools… I have lived in England, Japan, Singapore, Bangkok and Hong Kong. I have attended the best private schools but the necessity to be successful at school was not my priority. I was never bad, I tested well, but still academic recognition was not my main focus. And though this fact did disappoint my parents a lot, nevertheless I felt that I need to learn something more than school subjects. Or in other words, I needed something more…something that will not be boring… something that will catch my heart. I have coped with my attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder through this desire to find “my focus”.

I have been to many places: China, Bhutan, Malaysia, Japan, and Thailand; volunteered for Habitat for Humanity. My thirst for “my knowledge” gave me the energy and acceptance to whatever I faced during my travels. I was given the best gift that the world can present to one person – something that is above academic training and grades. I learned that different places and people are not good, not bad, but different. I have seen children begging in the streets, I have seen places that are pure luxury; I have seen happiness, grief and gratitude. I have helped people to build a new home, a place to live and these homes still carry a piece of my heart. And I think that I got an A for human interaction.

So now the backpack of memories and experience I planned to fill within one year is full. When I take a look at everything I have there I understand that I am a different person now: I have grown and changed, not only physically but mentally as well as a personality. For the first time in my life I feel that I have something to share and I feel successful. I have come to understand that I need a college degree to succeed in the world, to be able to contribute and give back. I have come to realize that a college degree is my goal and desire. And now it is not just the “everybody has to do it” issue, but my readiness and willingness to do it. I strongly feel the internal personal necessity to learn more.

I have finished school, have coped with my attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, have seen many different cultures, have met many different people, have learned tolerance and have obtained very important experience for my life and what is even more important I finally find “my focus”. I have come to the clear vision of my goal – to get my college degree. I am willing to be a student, but not an ordinary one. So if you ask me who I am? I would say – I am the student of the world.


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