Proteins Essay

Proteins / immune system / muscle / body

Essay Topic:

The effect of the proteins for the functioning of the human body.

Essay Questions:

What role do proteins play in the lives of people? How does the lack of proteins influence the human body? What are the chemical necessities of the human body?

Thesis Statement:

Proteins provide immune system defense for the body and also are contain anti-oxidant components. Protein creases muscle growth and is highly necessary in order to recover properly from some kind of injury.


Proteins Essay


Introduction: Proteins play a special role in our lives, since they represent one of the basic irreplaceable components required for a productive existance of a human body. They take part in all the process connected with growth and reproduction: an adequate level of protein in a body also helps recover from athletic activity and influences to bone cell growth, strengthens the bones in the body to the highest possible point of potential. Proteins provide immune system defense for the body and also are contain anti-oxidant components. Protein creases muscle growth and is highly necessary in order to recover properly from some kind of injury.

The basic of a chemical structure of proteins is rather simple: they consist of long circuits of the rests of the amino acids connected among themselves by certain communications. A protein is the basis of an organism. Despite of such variety of protein structures only 22 amino acids are necessary for its construction, 9 from which are irreplaceable. Therefore food is the only source to get them from for a man, as they are not synthesized in an organism. So when amino acids are taken in, a very difficult process of creation missing. If the amino acid is not irreplaceable the body starts generating it through the synthesis of other amino acids. The organism splits the amino acids getting the amount of proteins it need for the present moment.

Here is the list of proteins our body cannot generate: histidine, isoleucine, leucine, lysine, methionine, phenylalanine, threonine, tryptophan and valine. The main sources for getting protein are naturally based: animal and plant foods provide enough protein for our functioning. Concerning the animal proteins come from eggs, fish, meat and, of course, dairy products. Through them we get those nine amino acids that our body is not capable of producing. Plant proteins are the ones that cannot support our body with the whole required list. That is the reason vegetarians may face sudden general body breakdown. The normal day rate of protein consumption is 0.8 g of protein per kg body weight per day. Scientists declare that contemporary ration does include enough proteins and strongly recommend not increasing it. The only cases when increasing of the protein level in the body is recommended are during a stress, experienced by the body. A stressful situation may be considered a recovery from an injury, pregnancy, psychological stress that causes the body to function in a critical estate and when the age of the person does not let the body produce enough protein. In other a high level of protein will inevitable cause medical complications.

Conclusion: In spite of having a very positive effect o the bodys functioning through combining animal and plant proteins the body can suffer from its protein overflow. This is an essential factor for health! They fulfill catalytic, regulatory, transport, defensive, and other functions that may be harmed by too much or tool little amount of protein. The amount of protein considered to be exceeding is over 2.0 g of protein per kg body weight per day. A little amount of protein weakness the defensive function of the body and makes the body a subject to the influences of different diseases. If the person takes in too much protein it leaves the body through urine, which finally leads to osteoporosis. The body also starts requiring more vitamins to convert proteins. As kidney takes part in the processing of amino acids a protein overdose has a destructive impact on it, because it does not have enough time to process everything. To little protein may cause liver and brain diseases. Everything we acquire for our body should be very well balanced, because eventually any deflection may cause serious consequences. Proteins are vital for our body and without them we would never be able to function properly. Nevertheless, their abuse may eliminate all the positive effects it has on our body. Proteins are a great power but a power that should be controlled!


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