Pride and Prejudice character analysis

Essay Topic:

The ways how the characters of Jane Austens Pride and Prejudice interact with each other.

Essay Questions:

Why is the life of the characters full of intrigues and misunderstandings?

What are the moral values of Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth?

What does pride and prejudice have to deal with the relationships described within the novel?

Thesis Statement:

The characters of Jane Austens Pride and Prejudice reveal the life of Englands upper society of the second decade of the XIX century.


Introduction: Jane Austen’s novel “Pride and Prejudice” is fairly considered to be one of the best classic novels recognized all around the world. Jane Austen does an outstanding job in revealing the essence of the personal relationships of the young people who belong to the England’s upper society. She also makes an accent on the fact of how pride and prejudice can prevent two loving people to be together and happy.

Elizabeth Bennet – is an unmarried witty young lady coming out of a family with five daughters. Elizabeth is fond of discovering the real traits of the people’s personalities. Being full of prejudice she first dislikes the proud looking Mr. Darcy and by the end of the novel she discovers the real personality of Mr. Darcy and falls in love with him.

Fitzwilliam Darcy – is a young rich man who makes the first impression to be too proud of his origin and of himself. His love for Elizabeth makes him reveal his best qualities to the reader making Elizabeth forget about her pride and prejudice.

 Mr. Bennet – is the head of the Bennet family. This man although having a status of belonging to the upper society does not have enough financial resources to maintain it to his wife and his five daughters. The only hope is to find a good wealthy pair for each of the girls. Mr. Bennet is often very indifferent to the family matters as he is unhappy with his wife.

Mrs. Bennet – isMr. Bennet’s wife and the mother of five daughters including the central personality of the novel – Elizabeth. Mrs. Bennet is crazy about keeping the status of the family up and to be respected by the wealthy families; therefore her only goal of life is to find wealth couples for her daughters. Her behavior is often impulsive and she seems to lack education and wit.

Jane Bennet – along with Elizabeth is one of the most kinds and intelligent girls of the Bennet family. Jane is the eldest out of the five sisters and therefore she is believed to be the first to marry a wealth gentleman. She results being in love with Mr. Darcy’s friend Bingley and faces a lot of obstacles on their way to happiness.

Mary Bennet – spends all her time reading books and living in her fantasies. As she constantly avoids talking to people and to young people especially this fact drives Mr. Bennet crazy as it prevents her from finding a couple.

Catherine (Kitty) Bennet – is a very irritable and angry young lady who enjoys herself flirting with the military men. She like the attention she gets from the soldiers and prefers them to be obsessed about her.

Lydia Bennet – is the most light-minded out of the five Bennet sisters. Being the youngest one she is also very irresponsible. She does not care about the consequences of her behavior. She runs away with Wickham undermining the reputation of her family. The reputation is saved by Mr. Darcy not turning away from the Bennet family.

Charles Bingley – is a wealthy friend of Mr. Darcy who grows fond of Jane Bennet and after all the obstacles get together with her.


Jane Austen’s is a truly refined piece of literature as it presents unique and complex characters. “Pride and Prejudice” reveals the essence of human relationships in the upper class of England’s society. The novel shows that even those proud-looking young men had feelings and strived for love and happiness just like everyone else. The language of the characters is so exquisite and beautiful that the reader falls in love with the novel and its characters.


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