Pilgrim's progress essay


The significance of Christian’s experience at the cross in Pilgrim’s Progress

In Pilgrim’s Progress Christian appears as the protagonist of the allegory centered in his long journey the City of Destruction to the Heaven (Celestial City) atop mountain called Zion. The greatest burden bore by the Christian is the knowledge of his own sin as a result of his reading the book in his hand. The burden eventually causes him sink into hell (Tophet), while immediate concern impels him to the dilemma regarding the deliverance. For this purpose, Evangelist had directed the Christian to the Wicket Gate. As Christian was not able to see the ‘Wicket Gate’, Evangelist had directed him to a shining light. Christian left his home, wife and children to save himself while failing to persuade the latter of the rightness of his choice. Dwellers of the Destruction City named Obstinate and Pliable follow Christian to convince him to return home, though unsuccessful. Eventually, Pliable had decided to accompany Christian till they reached the two lands in the Slough of Despond; afterwards Pliable left the Christian.

Further on, after reaching the Wicket Gate, Christian was diverted by Mr. Worldly Wiseman to seek deliverance from his burden by means of the Law. Additionally Christian was supported by Mr. Legality and Civility in the village of Morality, not through Christ, i.e. by way of the Wicket Gate. Evangelist then met the wayward Christian before the Mount Sinai, and showed Christian that he sinned by having turned out of his way, though assured the latter that he would be welcomed at the Wicket Gate if he would return there. Chrisitian eventually agreed to do so.

Thereafter, Jesus appeared in the form of Good-will and replied to Christian’s query to relieve from his burden by directing him to the spot of deliverance. Christian then made his way to the House of the Interpreter, where tableaux and pictures portrayed and dramatized various issues of the Christian life and faith.

Having left the House of the Interpreter, Christian eventually reached the place of deliverance, i.e. the cross of Calvary and the open sepulcher of Christ, wherein the straps bounding Christian’s burden broke and rolled away to the open sepulcher. Now that Christian had been relieved of his burden, he was greeted by three shining ones, who gave him new garments, greeting of peace, and a passport into the Celestial City.


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