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Personal Statement

            I open my eyes and see myself running… My heart is beating so fast that I cannot catch up with the thoughts that are flowing through my head… I am sweating, but I also understand that running is the necessary prerequisite of my success as I am struggling for this long anticipated victory. That is why I cannot stop here and have to move further to achieve the long-term goals of my life. This race is simply exhausting, but it is also a bright example of the way I see my future: it is an eternal fight for excellence, and a long journey filled with barriers and obstacles. Since early childhood, I have realized that changes could not happen unless I applied at least a single effort to make them real. With time, I have realized that excellence did not cost a penny unless it was supported by sincere human relations, of which cooperation, friendship, and mutual support were the most important. Yes, I was running for excellence, and my academic achievement awards suggest that I might have succeeded in that; but all those successes would lose their relevance if not for the support I had on the side of my family, classmates, and friends. With this feeling of true cooperation and with the confidence that education is integrally linked to spiritual and moral growth, I enter this college, to turn my current knowledge and personal experience into a great asset to your college campus.

            I know that the time has come when I need to reconsider my long-term objectives and to realize the need for restructuring my attitudes to life; however, I also envision my college education as a single chance to win the knowledge match. Surprisingly, but my personal victory does not imply that I will defeat others. Moreover, I keep to an idea that the knowledge race can hold more than two winners. Sport and education are very similar; yet, they are always different in way they treat winners and losers. When the right moment comes, the winner will feel the sense of having finally achieved the predetermined objectives, but in distinction from sports, the college will serve an excellent form of a new social environment, where winners are not self-destructive but are rather cooperative and supportive towards those might have failed to catch up with the educational objectives.

             Since early age, my mother has been instilling educational values and the importance of higher education in America. My mother always supported my lifelong commitment to higher education perseverance. For a long time, education served a reliable instrument for revealing my hidden talents and using them to achieve better results in studies. I was gradually moving to the true understanding of the meaning of life, and role higher education could play in making me spiritually and morally mature. My interests stretch far beyond the limits of one profession; rather, I view education as the effective instrument that will help me integrate relevant knowledge, experience, and ideas into one single system that will further support my educational strivings.

            And I run… I run not to be too late, because knowledge tends to lose its relevance if not applied in real-life contexts. I have the increasing motivation to turn my interests in business administration and management into the central element of my future career. I have a strong wish to catch up with the pace of current social and technological development, but I will fail to become the integral element of the market economy without an outstanding support in the form of a valuable college education. I know that my way to Bachelor’s degree will be long and tiresome, but I also know that this valuable knowledge will become my lifelong asset, and when I am finally able to dash the finish line. What I know is that college education is another challenge I must face in this life, and I will not give up in the face of the overwhelming difficulties that wait for me ahead. I look forward to becoming a part of your college campus. I look forward to achieving my long-term objectives. I will keep running until I am confident that I am able to realize my dreams. College admission will finally move the finish line closer, making my goals achievable and real.


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