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First of all, I would like to tell a little bit about Marcy’s life. Marcy was born in the state of Texas. The life proved to be very difficult from the very beginning when Marcy was abandoned by her parents at birth. Then she passed around from one family member to another not knowing the security of a real home until. The changes came when Martie turned 16. At this time she met and befriended a class mate, whose family took her in their home and rose up as a daughter.  Later she decided to get married. What was left out of her short-lived union of happy marriage life were just two years old daughters whom Martie reared alone as a single parent.

Martie  had to overcome many difficulties. Many of these are reasoned by the fact that Marcy had to live in the community that was comprised of deaf people. The task was really very difficult to accomplish. Martie had encountered many difficulties in her life. Under such circumstances, it was difficult to make a good carrier. The carrier has started about 20 years when Martie first visited the television and radio station. At those times, she has started her carrier as ‘Info-mercial’ broadcaster.

Marcy had to go through the hardship of everyday life. The income was just enough to keep her and her children just above the poverty level. When the demand for the skills grew scarce, Martie ventured into the rental arena and found herself as a excellent Rental Agent of a large multiplex property. At present, she is holding a part-time position of office assistant in the apartment complex where she resides.

Many people as well as me were not aware of the Marcy’s inability to hear. One day while visiting Marcy I have noticed that she has forgotten her hearing aids and could not hear the office telephones or the front door bell when clients arrived for assistance. Then I asked Martie to face me so that I could read her lips. This was done so that I would be able to acknowledge and respond verbally to what I was saying. At that very moment I saw Martie as a helpless person. She was very isolated, apprehensive and reserved. Then I used a few basic visual signs so as to give her a clue as to how to develop her further communication.

The next day when I saw Martie it seemed that she was ok. Her outward demeanor and oral language gave not even a hint of a non-hearing person. It seems that new technologies have brought many positive changes into Martie’s life.

Later on Martie herself mentions that she was lucky enough to have a very delicate and expensive medical procedure. The whole procedure was aimed at replacing the ear drum as well as the middle ears bone and all the muscles and tissues that pertain to the inner ears.

The story of Martie’s illness dates back to the old times. 30 years ago Martie developed a very high fever which caused the eardrum in both ears to rupture. Martie was fortunate to have a very delicate and expensive medical procedure. The procedure involved the removal of the ear drum, the middle ears bone and all the muscles and tissues of her inner ears. These have been replaced with the auditory organs from the ears of a dead person.


Marti and I are Senior Citizens. She however, chooses to work part-time which she says gives her a reason to get out of bed each morning. Whereas I choose to be a student of American Sign Language and a part-time volunteer in the Deaf community. We both have two adult children that were nurtured by a single parents. Her eldest daughter has already reach a measure of success in her field as a professional Movie Producer in New York. While my eldest son is actively pursuing a Career as an actor on the silver screen. I am also trying to achieve a lifetime dream.

Martie  and I both realize as we continue to mature in age our bodily functions will progressively deteriorate which includes vision and hearing. Marti’s and I have an agreement to begin getting her involved with the Deaf community We have planned a visit to a local Assisted Living facility for Deaf Seniors . I am glad she is willing to step out of her comfort zone and embrace new friends, a new culture and the world of “Visual Communication”


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