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 Film Adaptation

Adaptation of Homer’s epic is rather difficult task for a modern person. The adaptation does not merely mean effective task fulfillment. First of all, it means effective choice of people and adapting the story to modern-day realities. The adaptation has all rights to be regarded as one of the most effective adaptations in modern history.

Proper imaging will be one of the thing I will focus my attention on. As a producer of the film I will pay more attention to the creation of proper image of Odysseus. I think the stereotypical 'sword and sandal' hero must be replaced with older, wiser and more intelligent warrior king who is able to endure every trial the gods throw at this person.  

The historical retrospect will help to clear up some aspects of my adaptation. A whole journey dates back to the times of the Trojan War. The war was dismissed in a rather quick way. Special focus of my play will be put on the description of Homer's encounter with the sirens. The omission of Odysseus's encounter with the sirens can be regarded as an integral part of the legend.

The other important moment to be stressed in my play is the prevalence of feminist motives that is present in Odyssey. In fact, with the appearance of Athena, the presiding deity of the play, has been always associated with the feminine features that rise as a result of feminist criticism.

The reassessment of the Odyssey is marked by the prevalence of feminist ideas. These are reported to have found inspiration in the Odyssey's representation of the creative process. These are exemplified by Athena's sponsorship of Odysseus's stratagems. The combination of these motives will help a person to find its home in Ithaca.

Music is one of the aspects that also matters. I think I would rather use a combination of the heroic and melancholic music. The combination of melodies would help the future reader perceive better the true characteristics of this time. One should not forget that Odyssey is the adventure story. A whole thing implies on the fact that the film is full of adventure fragments. These can be described as the combination of dreamy fragments and beautiful snatches of Peitso's original. The adapted music is rather complicated in its essence and helps the reader to better understand the conditions of this life.

Certain focus will be made on dramatizing modern problems that have been described in Odyssey. The scene of marriage and separation are the things of my future focus. My adaptation of the Odyssey will be refocused on a husband and wife relations. I will show how two people separated by the ocean will be finally reunited not as birds, but as humans. One of the special focuses of the story is the emphasis that is being put on the feminist perspective. The instruments I will use for my adaptation will include harmonica, concertina, hammered dulcimer, and penny whistle. When combined together, these instruments will add to the feeling of an exotic trip to many different lands.

Of special importance will be the design of special affects. A whole thing is used with the aim to introduce people to the many characters that have been encountered by Odysseus. These include the character of Cyclops. The character was simply and effectively created with a flashlight. It also contains a voodoo priestess who throws down shells like Tarot cards and whose face is a skull. Circe, whose transformation of men into pigs is seen via shadow puppetry through the ship's sail.

The journey past the sirens is represented by Odysseus as something that is hanging upside down from a rope ladder. Odysseus even calls to the sirens, begging for news of his loved ones.

Special attention in the play will be accentuated on presentation of tragic scenes. In my point of view, one of the most tragic scenes in the play is the case with Penelope. Her writing a letter to the lost husband is full of despair and pain.


The tragedy of loving woman is one of the things that matter. In my film I will show the feeling of despair that encounters a woman. Definitely I will use some piece of modern music. I will do that in order to make the public feel connected to the old times. Time change – people not. Penelope’s rolls up the paper, shows the viewer how it crackles and crumbles just like the marriage of a person, slowly turning the paper to dust.

My idea is to signify the relationship aspect that is present in "The Odyssey". A whole adventure helps to capture the sweep of a long and complicated what might help a person to perceive the intimate nature of human relationships. The crew that has been gathered by Odysseus is characterized by empowered masculinity and submissive femininity.

The main principle I will follow while adapting my story is adapting the Odyssey to the stage for a contemporary audience. The final effect can be achieved by means of return to dramatic traditions that ranging from Shakespeare to Caryl Churchill. My version of Odysseus will be certainly made from woman’s perspective. The main focus will be put on representation of female characters such as Penelope, Nausicaa, Circe, and Calypso. Definitely, I will omitting the Iliadic heroes from the spirits Odysseus meets in the underworld. However, the interview with the spirit of a mother will be of particular imparticular importance for the film.

Of special importance is Homer's emphasis that is being put on Odyssey. My idea is to make fun in the play with the Odyssey's preoccupation with woman's sexual fidelity that be showed as something that more resembles mania that sound human logic. According to Homer, this feeling will be displaced from Penelope onto Helen, Clytemnestra, Aphrodite and Odysseus's maids.

They would be hung like doves

Or larks in springes triggered in a thicket,

Where the birds think to rest-a cruel nesting.

So now in turn each woman thrust her head

Into a noose and swung, yanked high in air,

To perish there most piteously.


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