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Title: Haiti Earthquake 

The recent Haiti earthquake has posed tremendous challenges before the international community. Below is a list of future recommendations that require immediate concern taking into account the adverse affects caused by the disaster.

The solution of general urban problems widely requires sound community participation to enhance and contribute to local government decisionmaking process. At that, citizens are usually deemed as a powerful tool in and an active driving force within policy process aimed at problematic urban issues.

However, often various barriers are imposed to complicate citizen’s active participation, and therefore achieving sound cooperation between city agencies and neighbourhood councils is a high priority issue on local agenda. This requires clear comprehension of advantages and disadvantages of the process to ensure mutually beneficial partnership.

The abovementioned agenda necessitates the ensuring of stable economic conditions and implementation of  development strategies to encourage full potential of public and private sectors, as well as individual and collective initiatives to attain sustainable socio-economic and development to integrate population and environmental concerns within the framework of food security advancement. In due respect, it is important to:

(a) Promote policies that are fostering national and international environment conducive to sustainable, equitable economic and social development;

(b) Establish legal and other essential mechanisms that will promote land reforms recognize and protect property, water, and user rights, to enhance access to food and natural resources.

(c) Integrate population concerns within the framework of development strategies, decision-making initiatives, and action plans, including factors that affect migration and population policies.

(d) Pursue poverty eradication within urban and rural poor, and ensure sustainable food security for all through the promotion of sound national policies, secure and gainful employment and equitable and equal access to productive resources to maximize the incomes of the poor.

(e) Ensure safety and socio-economic availability and accessibility of food supplies to meet energy and nutrient needs of the population.

(f) Combat environmental threats

(g) Rehabilitate and restore of the natural resource base.

 (h) Strengthen linkages between development programmes and relief operations to make them mutually supportive and further promote the transition from relief to development.

(i) Create the policy framework and relevant conditions to attract public and private investments that would encourage sustainable and equitable development.

(j) Mobilize and optimize financial and technical resources from all the available sources, to raise investment potential regarding the activities that contribute to further development.

Partly these tasks concern the immediate future solutions for Haiti, whereas many other are listed in terms of a far-reaching perspective.


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