"Frankenstein" character analysis.

frankenstein / mary shelley / ambitions / God / monster

Essay Topic:

The observatin and analysis of how the characters of Mary W. Shelleys Frankenstein interact with each other.

Essay Questions:

What is the real tragedy of the monster?

What are the moral values of the characters of Frankenstein?

Did Viktor Frankenstein have a moral right to create a living being?

Thesis Statement:

The characters of Mary W. Shelleys Frankenstein suffer from the ambitions of Viktor Frankenstein who does not create a monster but by doing so becomes a monster himself.


Introduction: Mary Shelley’s story of the creation of a living being that also has feelings has a very profound meaning in terms of social and moral concepts. The characters of “Frankenstein” reveal the human inability to accept and love somebody who is different from them but perceive Frankenstein as a “doll” and not a living being who have never asked for being created.

Viktor Frankenstein – is a man of science who decides to implement his ambitious plan to create a living human form of life but once he realizes his intentions he panics. Viktor realizes that he is afraid and depressed as he does not know what to do with this creature and he rejects his own creation. By doing so he starts a chain of tragic events.

The Monster – us a living human form of life created by Viktor Frankenstein. Facing rejection from the most important person for him – his creator, he continues experiencing rejection from the rest of the society.  Social isolation and desperation make him hurt the family of the man who crated him.

Elizabeth Lavenza – a young girl who was taken from an orphan by the Frankenstein family who is in love with Viktor Frankenstein. After waiting for some time she finally becomes Viktor’s wife but only for a short time as Viktor’s creation comes to take her life away.

William Frankenstein - is Viktor Frankenstein’s younger brother who also becomes a victim of the creature. As William dies it becomes obvious that there will be no happiness for the Frankenstein family, because Viktor has to take responsibility for what he has done.

Justine Moritz – is a servant who is accused of killing William. Even though she is innocent she accepts her punishment with a great dignity and nobleness.

Henry Clerval – a good friend of Viktor Frankenstein who is always there for him being supportive. Mr. Clerval also becomes a victim of the creature as Viktor Frankenstein fails to resolve the loneliness of the creature by creating a friend for it.

Conclusion: All of the characters of Mary W Shelley’s “Frankenstein” suffer from Viktor Frankenstein’s scientific ambitions and “playing God”. They do not only become unhappy but also lose their beloved ones and die themselves same as Viktor himself. The characters reveal how unready is the society for facing such a responsibility of giving life to another human being who also wants to be happy.


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