Appeal Letter for Exclusion


 Appeal Letter for Exclusion 

University address:

Sender address:

Dear Sir/Madam,

This letter of appeal is presented to your immediate attention in connection with exceptional circumstances I have recently experienced. In actual fact, I have been excluded from the study at University due to failing the same unit on three separate occasions.

Herein, I would like to appeal to your consideration of my case as I regard this decision as terribly unfair.

My failure to pass the unit is due to external problems that have adversely affected my ability to cope with the study curriculum.

First, I am currently supporting my low income family since my mother has been unemployed for several consecutive months already. This dire circumstance alone forced me to take a casual job at RSL to support my family expenses.

Furthermore, I would also have taken care of my brother who is to take a selective test coming up in March. My parents cannot help him in due preparation due to their insufficient command of English.

In addition to this, our grandma is currently being in a poor health condition, which requires continuous visits to the hospital on my part.

I take all the abovementioned family commitments as an ultimate priority and try to understand and cope with all the challenges faced by the family. To prove this fact with reliable evidence, I would like to invite my university tutor to talk to my parents and personally inspect all the things that have deterred my learning success.

Providing there is a possibility for further extension of the unit, I will take my best effort to pass it and get the satisfactory mark.

By this, I would also like to confirm that I have a serious intention to continue my study at the University. Previously, I have never been charged with or/and accused of any violation, breach or trespassing of the University discipline or set curriculum. As a decent student, I have never been suspected of any misbehaviour (disobedience) or failure to cope with the internal regulations set by the University statutes.    

Taking these circumstances and evidence into account, I would like to draw your immediate attention to my case and arrive at fair decision.  In due respect, you can rely on my solemn declaration to adhere to all the further requirements on your part and cope with all the commitments I can potentially fulfil to the best of my ability.

Through this letter of appeal I express my considerable hope that you will take all the circumstances described above into consideration and devote a great deal of effort to reach the most objective resolution in due matter.




[Appellant’s Full Name]


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