Character Analysis Essay questions

Good questions for Character Analysis essays. List of Character Analysis essay questions for college and high school students

Death of a Salesman
Death of a salesman character analysis Who may be truly considered to be the central character of the play? Where does Willys insanity come from? Why are the relations between Willy and Biff so complicated?
Biff Loman as the hope of the Lomans family What was Biff like before he found out Willy has a mistress? Why did Biff give up on everything after his Boston trip? In what way Willy sets Biff free when he commits suicide?
Lord of the Flies
Lord of the flies character analysis What is tragedy of the Lord of the flies? What are these boys looking for in their struggle for dominance? What heritage have these boys taken from the society they grew up in?
The characters and the society How can be Ralph depicted as a decent civilized citizen, who respects the order (the law)? What character represents such virtue as the science and the intellectual heritage of the society? Why do brutal characteristics of the society dominate over its virtues?
The Great Gatsby
The Great Gatsby character analysis What is tragedy of the The Great Gatsby? What are the moral values of the characters of The Great Gatsby? How has wealth influenced the behavior and the lives of the characters?
Jane Eyre
Jane Eyre character analysis What is Jane Eyres tragedy? What justice is she looking for in her life? What is the tragedy of Edward Rochesters history with women? How does it influence his relationship with Jane Eyre?
"Frankenstein" character analysis. What is the real tragedy of the monster? What are the moral values of the characters of Frankenstein? Did Viktor Frankenstein have a moral right to create a living being?
The Crucible
The Crucible character analysis What are the moral values of the characters of The Crucible What does the witch hunt represent? Is death a correct punishment for a witch?

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